Feb. 29,

No. 70

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Book Alerts

Several new or forthcoming books as well as a policy study warrant the attention of American Mandarin Society members. In them, we can find serious treatment of China's politics, foreign policy, and military. The Council on Foreign Relations study merits attention particularly for what it says about thinking in Washington D.C. and for insights into how a new Clinton administration might approach China.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's  Speeches

wèi yǔ chóu móu

Meaning: to take precautions 

In his January 30 Politburo study session, Xi spoke about his strategic vision for 13th FYP period. The Xinhua report on this used  未雨绸缪. It is not clear if Xi himself used it, but it is a good chengyu to learn. It means to take precautionary steps before something happens (like preparing for rain before the storm arrives).

Original: 各地区各部门也要增强短板意识,搞清楚自己工作方面的短板是什么,以扎实的思路、举措尽快把短板补齐,避免各种各样的短板牵扯工作、影响既定目标实现。"惧危者常安,忧亡者恒存",只有增强忧患意识、未雨绸缪,提高风险监测防控能力,做到守土有责、主动负责,积极主动防范风险、发现风险、消除风险,才能让发展航船乘风破浪、行稳致远。

Wechat Weekly

Freezing Point, a weekly supplement to the China Youth Daily newspaper started in 1995, was known for its insightful investigative reporting in the early 2000s. After Yuan Weishi published an article critical of education about the Boxer Rebellion in early 2006, the magazine was briefly suspended, then reorganized without some of its harder-hitting reporters. Freezing Point still has a welcome presence on WeChat, where you can read a few "classic articles" f rom 2015 on topics such as the lives of China's rural elderly and the summer stock market tumble.
WeChat ID: bingdianweekly

Video of the Week

The Commander of U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Harry Harris, came to Washington to deliver testimony before Congress and deliver a press conference. In light of China's controversial PLA deployments in the South China Sea after Wang Yi said Beijing would not militarize the region, Admiral Harris' remarks provide a useful U.S. statement about military policy and options in Asia.

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It is a good week for job seekers, as we have some fun openings for you at some of our favorite organizations:

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