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Fresh Ink
We've got new books including two recommendations by Bookie Larry Yoder!

The latest FunJungle book is here and this time Teddy Fitzroy has to prove that one of the beloved lions did not kill a local DJ's dog. Filled with all the fun, adventure, and mystery fans have come to expect of this bestselling series.  

First they brought you THE BAD SEED, now Jory John and Pete Oswald want you to meet THE GOOD EGG. Our hero is the best of the best, but he finds that it's not easy to remain that way. Keep an eye on our EVENTS page as we'll be having a special event in April to celebrate this book's release.  

#2 in the CLICK'D series has our heroes setting up a new idea at their middle school. Of course, things go wrong. This is a fun romp all about crushes, innovations, and the little things that make up our middle school experiences.   

Giles Milton  
A recommendation from Bookie Larry: "This book is the best D-Day book I have read in a long time. Milton takes all the parts of June 5 and June 6, 1944 and gives a comprehensive picture by presenting precise pictures of the smaller individual actions during that time frame. The book builds on and uses all the research and published material which have gone before it along with more recent findings. I cannot stress enough the storytelling ability of Milton that makes the book a delight for those who love history. Lastly, this is a book for anyone who has visited Normandy and the beaches or town and crossroads, along with anyone planning on going to the scene - not a should-read but a must-read."

Gregg Hurwitz    
The series that is 'an instant bestseller each time it hits stands' is back. #4 in the ORPHAN X saga finds Evan back and looking for vengeance. He's after the people who took everything from him and who knew about the program. That puts one man squarely in his sights: the President.   
Court of Lies
Gerry Spence 
A recommendation from Bookie Larry: "Remember the big lawyer Gerry Spence from a decade ago? He's back with another courtroom drama. The book is a good court Spence story that reads fast and is all about justice, as one would expect. Like watching a Netflix drama."
The Game Board
The MENSA award-winning series continues!
Fans have gobbled up the FORBIDDEN cooperative series by Gameswright with their other installments, FORBIDDEN FOREST and FORBIDDEN DESERT. Now the series takes players out into the world above for even more fun. Two to five players, ages ten and up, have to work together to survive a savage sky storm as they attempt to launch. Check out a full review video HERE and when you're ready to buy, come by the store or CLICK HERE.  
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