Unstoppable You
Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life

Patricia A. McLagan

Unstoppable You is the ticket to creating a fulfilling and successful life for individuals and to promoting a culture of learning for organizations. Targeted to professionals in any job or industry, this book is an invitation to upgrade to Learning 4.0--where one becomes more fully able to respond to new insights and profound changes in the world--by adopting seven basic practices. Includes an easy-to-use toolkit of templates, guides, and tips. 

Learning in the Age of Immediacy
5 Factors for How We Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done

Brandon Carson

Automation, the cloud, mobile, big data, and the internet of everything. . . .We live in an on-demand world, and these five factors cause the biggest transformational changes to how we connect, communicate, and get things done. But how do they affect our learning strategy and execution? This book is a primer on what every learning leader needs to know as they evolve their organizations to move at the speed of business. 

Becoming a Can-Do Leader
A Guide for the Busy Manager

Frank Satterthwaite and Jamie Millard

How can leaders learn how to manage without giving up the work they love? Executive coaches Frank Satterthwaite and Jamie Millard help leaders discover how to work strategically with staff, continue to grow in their areas of expertise, and take on management responsibilities while continuing their professional work. The authors' extensive experience training and coaching managers at all levels has shown that successful managers both delegate and do--they are can-do leaders.

Measuring the Success of Employee Engagement
A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring Impact and Calculating ROI

Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Jack J. Phillips, & Rebecca Ray

More companies are turning to engagement programs to recoup lost revenue and productivity, but these programs can lose critical funding when designed without business impact in mind. In this book, training evaluation experts Jack and Patti Phillips and knowledge organization expert Rebecca Ray make the business case for employee engagement initiatives, reveal what it takes to build a program with the end in mind, and ensure that employees drive innovation and increase sales with an engagement program that earns its keep.