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Creating the Schools Our Children Need
Why What We're Doing Right Now Won't Help Much  (And What We Can Do Instead)
Dylan Wiliam
World-class innovator, expert, researcher, and educator Dylan Wiliam shares the secrets of how to create the schools that our children need to learn, excel, and grow. He  breaks down the methods schools use to improve and examines the gaps between what research tells us works and what we actually do. To help educators make the changes that can effect real change in schools and in the lives of students and teachers, Wiliam analyzes the three improvements that are proven to be factors in school success: b uilding a curriculum focused on developing knowledge; s upporting a culture where every teacher improves; and a pplying a framework for evaluating new district initiatives.

ISBN:  9781943920334 
Publication Date:  March 29, 2018

And What About You?
Getting Started with Interactive Pairs and Small Groups
Ron Nash
And What About You? Getting Started with Interactive Pairs and Small Groups serves as a supplemental guide to Nash's groundbreaking book:  The Power of We: Creating Positive and Collaborative Classroom Communities (2018). It provides the concrete steps and process considerations that make implementing interactive techniques in the classroom easy and practical.

ISBN:  9781943920280
Publication Date:  April 18, 2018

The Power of We
Creating Positive and Collaborative Classroom Communities 
Ron Nash
Through powerful first-hand stories supported by expert research, Ron Nash describes his awakening to the truth that engaging students means involving them as active participants in their own learning. He explores strategies to harness a student's endless capacity for positive energy into deeper understanding through creating positive and collaborative communities in the classroom.

ISBN:  9781943920266 
Publication Date: March 6, 2018

The Gritty Truth of School Transformation
Eight Phases of Growth to Instructional Rigor
Amy Dujon
In The Gritty Truth of School Transformation, education expert Amy Dujon reveals how schools of all shapes, sizes, and socioeconomic and academic backgrounds can achieve real teacher and student growth by implementing rigorous instruction in the classroom and empowering school leaders to establish and grow a vision of excellence that involves both teachers and students.

ISBN: 9781943920808 
Publication Date: April 23, 2018