New Bradford
An area heavily damaged in Hurricane Atlas and redesigned rather than restored, 'New Bradford' is an example of a wretched excess of hypermodern architecture.
Buildings here are large and built-up, and come in all manner of shapes and colors that sometimes seem deliberately chosen to offend the eye. Although for those who love modernism, it's a favorite spot to admire striking new architecture.
Most of the new buildings in New Bradford are condominium or apartment complexes and shopping centers, which are designed for high population density, unlike the older buildings of the district. Experimentation with architectural trends is common here, with all sorts of strange ideas at work.
A handful of older relics survived the hurricane and still stand, like the Sky Drop Lounge which was built along with much of the neighboring Victory Beach Boardwalk, and several buildings on the edge of Scholarton.
Most of the architecture, however, was built in the last decades following the hurricane and look as if the developers were trying to compete with the older, more established skyscrapers of downtown.
New Bradford is one of the most striking neighborhoods in Titan City, and it's a home to many extravagant, sophisticated bases for heroes and villains looking for modern, high tech amenities for their lairs.