As we move to a lessened COVID-19 infection rate and things safely re-open, members are looking forward to some much needed time off. 

Many members have put in for vacation time per your contract: Article 21 below. If management has not published your vacation schedule, please reach out to a steward or Local Officer.

Vacation time will be scheduled  on a first come, first serve basis as staffing is taken into consideration.

If you have not put in for vacation time, please do so!

 If you are denied time off, please contact a Local Officer or your Labor Rep. Meredith Larson (below).
(page 37 of your contract)
Section 10. The Hospital will approve vacation for blocks of (5) five days or more on an annual basis. Vacations taken in increments of less than (5) five days will be subject to Article 20 (Holidays) Section 7 paragraph two. The Hospital will set a date for all vacation requests for the entire year. The Hospital will respond to those requests within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the requested submission date. The Department Manager will distribute a vacation preference schedule January 1st of each year. The employees will make their preference selection by March 1st and return them to their Department Manager. The Department Manager will finalize the schedule and publish it April 1st. If an employee makes no selection by March 1st, vacations will be granted on a first come, first serve basis. Regular part-time employees will receive a proportionate vacation benefit. No more than three weeks (3) of an employee's vacation may be scheduled during the months of June, July, August, November and December of any year. Employees may take the same vacation period for (2) two years, consecutively, or longer, if there are no other requests. All vacation requests are subject to approval. Switching of vacation may occur up to thirty days prior to the scheduled vacations.
For questions or concerns, please contact  your
Labor Rep. Meredith Larson at 
(800) 292-0542 x115