Article 20, Section 2 of your contract states that Holidays are observed on the actual Holiday.
(page 35 of your contract)
1. The Hospital agrees to furnish the following holidays with pay to all employees covered by this Agreement:

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Recognizing that some employees due to their religious practice, may desire to take another day off instead of Christmas, such employees may substitute another day that is consistent with their own religious observances provided that the employee provides a written request to the Human Resource Department six (6) months in advance.

2. All recognized holidays are observed on the actual holiday. For the night shift, the start of the shift must fall on the actual holiday to be observed as the holiday. If a holiday falls on a day which is a paid absence for an employee, the employee shall receive full credit for that holiday.

Other accrued time off for the celebration of religious holidays may be granted to those employees for whom the holidays are significant.

3a. All full-time employees shall be eligible for the above holidays.

3b. Part-time employees shall be eligible for pro-rated holiday time as provided for in Article

4. Employees who call in sick on the Holiday or on the work day immediately preceding or immediately following a holiday will be required to produce a doctor's certificate to his/her supervisor within five (5) days of notification, or the employee will not be eligible for sick or holiday pay.

5a. Employees will be paid at a rate of (1-1/2) time and one half for working the following holidays: Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. For Martin Luther King Day and President's Day, employees shall be paid his/her regular rate of pay plus seventy-five (.75) per hour.

In the event that an employee works any of the above stated holidays, he/she shall receive pay as described in section 5a.above, plus receive an additional day off with regular pay, plus shift differential if applicable.

Holidays may be taken thirty (30) days prior to their accrual and/or within thirty (30) days of when they are accrued. The employee may provide at least two (2) alternative dates within this period and the employer shall not unreasonably deny one of those dates. In the event the employee does not provide at least (2) two alternative dates, the employee shall receive holiday pay. All unused Holiday pay will be paid (45) forty five days from when it is accrued.

5b. If the holiday falls on the employee's regularly scheduled day off, the employee shall receive an additional day off at regular pay, plus shift differential. If applicable, language under section 5a. above shall be followed.

6. Recognizing that the Employer operates each day of the year and that it is not possible for all employees to be off on the same day, holiday work may be equitably assigned to all staff. In the event of a conflict, the less senior employee will work the same holiday as he/she worked in the prior year.

7. All Per Diem employees must work one of each of the following pairs of holidays on a rotating basis:
Christmas Day or New Year's Day
Memorial Day or Independence Day
Labor Day or Thanksgiving Day.

Requests to be scheduled off on a holiday must be submitted in a four (4) week time frame up to two (2) weeks prior to the date the schedule is posted. The hospital shall respond to holiday requests within ten (10) days after the close of the request submission period.

8. After completion of three (3) months of service, full-time employees will be entitled to three (3) personal days per year, non-cumulative. The personal day shall be scheduled in advance subject to the scheduling needs of the Department with the approval of the Employer. Personal day requests shall not be unreasonably denied on a weekend as opposed to weekdays.

Part-time employees shall receive a pro-rata personal day benefit as per Article 15. Per Diem employees shall receive no personal days.

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