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Dear Students,


There are a lot of exciting new features that will be happing to our learning platform over the next few months. 


New Brown Mackie iPad Application


First, we have a new iPad application to access your classes. This App will making accessing and navigating your classes much easier. Click on the link below and download Pearson Learning Studio from the App Store. Once you open up the App, type in Brown Mackie College and then use your Student Portal username and password



Over the next few months there will be many new features added to this App. that will enhance your ability to manage your class work and navigate your courses.   


Brown Mackie College iPad Course in iTunes University


This iPad course is an excellent resource that has tutorials on all aspects of the iPad. If you are not already subscribed to this course follow the following directions:


1. Download iTunes University from the App store on your iPad: 




2. Once you've downloaded iTunes U, Click on this link:




This will take you to the iPad section on the bmcresources website. Once there then click on "iPad Course PSS1100-CF1100" After subscribing you can access the course materials at anytime through the iTunes U app. When these materials get updated, your course automatically updates. 


Please take your time and go through the materials in this course to help leverage your iPad in helping you become a successful student. 


If you have any questions about these changes, please consult your instructors or feel free to contact myself. 




Jared Bistrong

Brown Mackie College Miami

Multimedia Specialist 


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