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December 2021 | Newsletter

Toward a National Energy Vision

“Canada’s enduring policy dilemma faces greater complexity with Net Zero ambitions”
Marc Brouillette
Message from Glen Wright, CCRE Chair
Climate Change and the Missing Canadian Energy Strategy

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) held in Glasgow has brought hope that progress is possible in uniting the world to both tackle and accelerate action on the climate change goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. On the world stage, Canada promoted the government’s vision for climate action that includes the implementation of a global price on carbon, offered increased aid to developing countries to help in the transition towards cleaner economies, and further pledged action to support programs that would tackle climate change. 

And yet while Canada is advocating a climate transformation for other countries, it has yet to develop a shared strategy amongst all levels of government in its own country. A successful national energy strategy must include an agreement around energy supply and demand policy and its impact on the environment and climate change as part of its transformation plan. Our biggest challenge is not likely to be technology but the lack of a shared national vision on how we are going to successfully deal with climate change. 

I invite you to read our latest CCRE Commentary authored by CCRE Member Marc Brouillette in which he states, “the climate imperative and energy trifecta challenge warrant collaboration amongst Canadian decision-makers.”
Media Release
In its newest Commentary, the Council for Clean & Reliable Energy (CCRE) lays out the infrastructure pre-requisites to enable a Net Zero energy transformation that works hand-in-glove with Canada’s climate policies. Written by energy expert Marc Brouillette, principal consultant at Strategic Policy Economics (Strapolec), the CCRE Commentary is entitled, “Toward a National Energy Vision: Canada’s Low-Carbon Energy Infrastructure Opportunity in a Global Net Zero Future.” 

Brouillette has been advising provincial and federal government ministries, agencies, and Crown corporations for more than 20 years. He specializes in technology-based, public-private initiatives in policy-driven regulated environments. Recently, he has been a regular commentator on policy matters related to Ontario’s energy sector. 

This latest Commentary in the CCRE series advancing a National Energy Vision explores how global trends in the demand and supply for energy have different implications across Canada. Brouillette then lays out the infrastructure pre-requisites to enable a Net Zero energy transformation that works hand-in-glove with Canada’s climate policies.

CCRE Commentaries are published about six times a year. Previous issues covered redesign of the feed-in-tariff, ensuring customers benefit from utility mergers, re-establishing realistic electricity prices, gaining public acceptance for energy infrastructure, and building a principled approach for a national energy vision for Canada. They can be found on the CCRE website at

The CCRE is a forum for reasoned analysis on subjects related to energy policy. In the past, the Council has sponsored conferences on vital energy-supply topics such as the Ontario Auditor General’s report on the province’s renewable energy program, clean coal technology, nuclear power, governance models in the electricity sector, biomass energy opportunities and rationalizing electricity distribution. 

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