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Mike Ferguson is revamping Mcliff Coffee + Vending one branch at a time.
Established, multi-route refreshment services companies sometimes have a difficult time introducing new technology. While the cost of new technology is often seen as a major challenge, management capabilities can be an even more important factor for such companies.

Eight months ago, Mcliff Coffee + Vending, a five-branch vending, OCS and micro market provider based in Austin, Texas, tabbed Mike Ferguson as CEO, a newly-created position. Ferguson brought an extensive background in refreshment services, having built an operation in Houston in the 1990s, Southern Refreshment Services, before eventually selling it.

Since joining Mcliff Coffee + Vending, Ferguson has spent most of his time converting the company to wireless DEX. The company had been using a custom designed management software and was not downloading DEX data from the machines.

The mobile app organizes the route and maps the directions to each stop.
Enabling the company to utilize DEX data has required making sure that the right people are assigned to the right roles in the company. This encompassed all responsibilities, from  upper  management all the way down to the drivers, Ferguson said.

VenVendWatch Telematics telemetry devices have been installed in the machines. A hole is sometimes drilled in the machine to make sure the antenna can pick up the Bluetooth signal.

Once the machines have the telemetry, the drivers are able to download DEX data from the machines using iPad Mini mobile apps.

CPI  _  Crane Payment Innovations

CPI  |  Crane Payment Innovations,, +1-610-430-2736

Media 2
Crane Merchandising Systems will preview its newest user experience, MEDIA2, which offers full motion video, a larger screen option and a patented suggestive selling feature during the NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas, April 19 to 21. MEDIA2 is designed to attract more consumers and increase same-store sales.

T he MEDIA2 is part of a range of end-to-end vending solutions that will be on display at the OneShow.
Crane Cashless  offers a range of options in radios, cashless readers, cellular networks, payment processors and mobile payment.

The company will also preview the Navigator Touch retrofit screen at the show and demonstrate how operators can deploy the screen with fielded Navigator devices and add revenue with digital advertising. 

The viv mobile app empowers vending consumers.
Vagabond will introduce vīv, a retail purchasing platform, at the NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas. Vagabond's vīv mobile apps allow consumers to walk up to any vending machine, scroll through a menu of products, review product details and make a purchase using whatever form of payment they want.

The product is delivered without the consumer ever touching the machine. The vīv platform creates direct and personal relationships between operators and consumers.

Vending operators gain access to Vagabond's instant telemetry hardware, vīv cashless platform and the vending management software of their choice for just $10 per month.

The platform also knows where consumers are located because of geolocation capabilities powered by Vagabond's partnership with Google.

Since vīv instantly knows which product is selected, brands can interact with the consumer. Operators can target promotional and loyalty programs to particular machines, specific consumers, individual products and other variables.
Vagabond viv
The device allows operators to serve smaller locations.
365 Retail Markets, a provider of micro market systems, has released its latest self-checkout kiosk. The 365 nanomarket is a tablet-based device for smaller populations, allowing operators to expand into locations that were previously cost prohibitive.

"While providing a lower cost of entry, we did not set out to simply create a less expensive kiosk," said Joe Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets. "The nanomarket is packed full of new features that delight clients and lay the groundwork for 365's direction in the years ahead."
VendCentral Marketing
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