Farmed animals are relying on us to speak out for them − and consumers have a right to know where their food comes from. That's why today we're releasing a new undercover video, this time exposing the cruel and filthy conditions for 25,000 female turkeys locked inside sheds at a turkey breeding factory farm in Minnesota.


While working inside Hargin, Inc, our investigator wore a hidden camera to document the misery forced upon these smart, social and inquisitive birds.


Sadly,  these hens will spend their lives being artificially inseminated over and over again  a frightening and violent process to continually lay eggs that will hatch young turkeys to be raised and slaughtered for food, including Thanksgiving dinners.


As you'll see in our video, some hens become entangled in the mechanical nesting boxes used to collect eggs. Often stuck by their wings, head, or feet, many birds endure severe injuries while trying to free themselves.


To make matters worse, the squalid, cramped conditions cause many hens to suffer from various ailments, such as severe irritations covering their heads and faces. As is standard in the industry, sick and injured birds are typically left to suffer without veterinary care.


Our investigation is already garnering significant media attention, including Minnesota's largest newspaper, the Star Tribune, exposing countless consumers to this painful reality kept hidden behind closed doors.  


In the spirit of the holiday season, each of us can express our compassion  and give turkeys something to be thankful for  simply by leaving all animals off our plates. 


Please lend your voice to animals today by sharing our video.  


Thank you for all your support. Together, we can continue pulling back the curtains and shining a bright light on the hidden horrors of animal agribusiness. 


For the Animals, 


Erica Meier

Executive Director 

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