New COVID-19 Data Dashboard For Western MA
The pandemic has made it difficult to make decisions about returning to school, visiting loved ones, traveling within the state, and more. We've compiled the most recent Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) COVID-19 county data for Western Massachusetts and presented it in a way that strives to be easily accessible with the hopes that this will help inform some of the decisions you may be grappling with. When you visit our Western MA COVID-19 County Data Dashboard, you will see COVID-19 data for each county in Western MA (like the image shown below) as well as MA overall. In addition, you will find the MDPH's interactive community COVID-19 map showing the most recent data on level of risk by community.

We will update our Western MA COVID-19 County Data Dashboard weekly, using data from MDPH. The data released by MDPH is continuously evolving. Our dashboard may also evolve based on the changing availability of data as well as your feedback.
Check out other data we've compiled for our region:
  • COVID-19 Milestones: We compiled COVID-19 milestones for Western MA to provide some context for the data.
  • Data Archive: In May we began highlighting COVID data for Western MA each week. This historic data can be accessed through our archive.

Let us know what you think about our Data Dashboard.