New COVID-19 Guidelines from the Governor’s Office
Film not included among restricted activities
This weekend the Governor’s office released new guidelines in an effort to curb the rising number of COVID-19 cases in our state.

It is our understanding that film production is not impacted by the new restrictions. The communication from the Governor’s office states that “Activities not included in the modified restrictions should follow the current guidance.” Film was not included in the group of activities that were restricted. 

It is extremely important that each production follow the safety on set protocols that were approved by the Governor’s office on July 8. If you would like to review the approved guidelines for film, you can find them here.

Please also be aware that there is a new travel advisory that was released last week, which suggests: Persons arriving in Washington from other states or countries, including returning Washington residents, should practice self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. 

As of right now, this travel advisory is only for non-essential travel. Work-related travel currently does not have a quarantine advisory. Film production, as long as it is work-related, is not affected by this travel advisory. We wanted to make you aware of this distinction as we have been getting questions about it.  

Please continue to be safe on and off set. As a community, we must recommit to the precautions we took back in the spring to slow the spread. We know from scientific research that masks and face coverings work.

Other critical practices include:

  • Continuing to practice physical distancing of 6 feet or more

  • Minimizing contact with others outside the home and keeping interactions brief

  • Frequently washing hands or using sanitizer

  • Avoiding group gatherings and poorly ventilated space

Please check out our COVID Resources Set Safety page and video series to stay up-to-date on the latest ways to protect you and your crew on set.

Our elected officials have put it starkly: It's time to stop socializing and limit discretionary activity – especially activities indoors. 

Working together, we’ve flattened the curve before. Let’s all do our part to protect lives and livelihoods in our region.

This is a constantly evolving situation and should you have any questions, please contact our office directly at 206.264.0667 via email at