ASF Launches New "Pivot Grants" 
to Help Scientists Adapt their Research 
to COVID-19 Realities

The research world has changed dramatically, but the needs of our families have not. We are committed to supporting research to find the causes of autism and develop new treatments. These funds are  meant to help support new costs encountered due to adaptations or modifications of an original research plan as a result of the current shutdown across research institutions

This new  COVID-19 Pivot Grant Program  is just one of ASF's many new efforts to respond quickly to the changing needs of the autism community. 

For more information on how to apply, click here.

Helping Adults with Autism 
Transition to Working from Home

The chaos, uncertainty and disruption of our daily routines can be especially difficult for autism families. And many adults with autism are now struggling as they transition from their familiar and consistent work schedule to the new norm of working from home.

The Autism Science Foundation is hosting an employment webinar on Wednesday, April 15th at 1:00pm EST featuring panelists Becca Lory Hector, Paul Morris and Julie Lounds Taylor.

Join us as we discuss current challenges in employment for autistic adults, and answer your questions about gaining, maintaining or changing employment during the pandemic.  Click here to register for free.