March 19, 2020

To: London Middlesex Primary Care Providers
Middlesex-London Health Unit - Appeal for COVID-19 Testing Swabs

MHLU is urgently asking people to check their supplies for these types of alternative swabs that have been validated and approved by Public Health Ontario.

Virtual Care

Here are some resources to help you implement virtual care:

Pharmacotherapy interactions with COVID-19

What about patients taking ACEI/ARB? Should people take NSAIDs? See this information prepared by Thames Valley FHT pharmacists .

Need a refresher in using PPE?

If you would like a refresher in donning and doffing PPE, see this handout as well as the links below provided by St. Joseph's Health Care London:

COVID-19 E-consult specialty group

OTN and the eConsult Centre of Excellence have created a COVID-19 BASE TM managed eConsult specialty group. Physicians and nurse practitioners can ask clinical questions to infectious disease specialists electronically and receive a response within days. This is the only group that allows for population-based, non-patient specific clinical questions. 

Available province-wide, the COVID-19 BASE™ Managed Specialty Group is: 
  • Accessed through the BASE™ managed specialty option and listed under Infectious Disease and Public Health
  • A group of Infectious Disease  specialists who can answer both patient-specific and general questions about COVID-19
  • For non-patient specific questions please enter the patient information as follows:
  • First Name: COVID19
  • Last Name: COVID19
  • Date of Birth: 1900-01-01
  • Select OHIP number not available
  • Please note: Patient screening for COVID-19 must still be done through Public Health Services.

Where to find evidence-based info on COVID-19

T he Centre for Effective Practice's COVID-19 web page is updated daily and can be used as a "table of contents" for date COVID 19 information. This page also gives you access to:
  • Synopsis of key articles - latest journal articles on COVID 19
  • Ontario COVID-19 assesment centres in case you have patients who live outside the London area (scroll to the bottom of the webpage to see the list)

COVID-19 patient communications from community partners - FYI

Contact: Janet Dang
London Middlesex Primary Care Transformation Lead