May 14, 2019
New California Affordable Rental Housing Benefits Map

Policymakers, advocates and elected officials lack access to data and visual tools to communicate the positive impacts that affordable housing developments have in their communities. To address this need, the California Housing Partnership has created a new interactive tool: the 

The Benefits Map uses the California Housing Partnership's Preservation Database - an inventory of federally subsidized affordable rental properties, many of which also receive State and local subsidies-to leverage the best available academic research to create evidence-based estimates of the social and economic benefits of affordable housing for individual residents and families, taxpayers, and the local economy. 

The Benefits Map can be used to:
  • Display property-level information on specific affordable housing developments.
  • See quantitative estimates of social and economic benefits of affordable housing.
  • Generate reports on affordable housing's impact in particular counties and legislative districts.
We invite you to explore the  Affordable Rental Housing Benefits Map , and share it with your networks and on social media. We also welcome feedback and questions to help us improve the Map and its methodology for estimating social and economic benefits by here .

The California Housing Partnership thanks Citi Community Development for supporting the creation of this tool.