New Canaan is a community that has always prided itself on taking care of our neighbors and while the physical impacts of COVID-19 have been limited so far, many of our local business have felt the pain of a downturn in sales. 

Now more than ever we need to be mindful of Shopping Local . The list below details the accommodations some of our local business have made to lower the risk of the infection spreading in our community. 

As citizens, we are all making adjustments to our daily routines to ensure the health and safety of our families, friends, and neighbors. Below, you will see the important steps our local businesses have made to keep their stores and restaurants clean as well as expanding their services to include delivery and curbside pickup that will reduce interactions.

We appreciate that many of you are limiting exposure, but if you need to make a purchase please call your local stores/restaurants first to see if they can accommodate you before making an online order!
Baldanza Cafe - 129 Elm Street, (203) 966-4000, Email , Website
Curbside pickup. All staff are to wear gloves at all times. Temperature check of our employees. Additional sterilization of all surfaces with alcohol and Clorox in between service and when customers are finished at their table. All touchable surfaces such as door handles, lavatories, sinks and faucets sprayed with Lysol multiple times each day.

Calme - 78 Main Street, (475) 558-9800, Email , Website
Hospital level cleaning service. 

Consider the Cook - 145 Elm Street, (203) 966-5055, Email
CTC always offers curbside pickup. Happy to charge and gift wrap over the phone. Very limited drop off of purchases within town. Landlord is supplying hand sanitizer at counters, wiping down counters, doorknobs and leaving the door open during warmer weather! 

Divaz - 111 Cherry Street, (203) 966-3337, Website
All employees are mandated to wear masks. Single use disposable gloves are being offered to all clients in the salon in addition to the surgical hand soap, 99.9% alcohol solution, wipes for phones and iPads! Every single time a client sits in a chair or leaves from a service, the chairs, sinks, desk, iPad and all hard services are being decontaminated with hospital grade cleaners!

Elm Restaurant - 73 Elm Street, (203) 920-4994, Email , Website
We will be offering free delivery for all orders placed through our online catering storefront and free delivery for any orders placed over the phone during dinner hours (5:30pm-9:00pm), as well as complimentary curbside pickup. As always, our full menu is always available via UberEats.

Elm Street Books - 35 Elm Street, (203) 966-4545, Email , Website
You may order books on our website. If a book is not in stock, we can special order and usually have it within 1 or 2 days. If you come into town, but choose not to come into the store, we can do curbside delivery.

Franco's Wine Merchants - 130 Elm Street, (203) 966-9571, Email , Website
Home Delivery. Call or place orders online by 2:00pm for same day delivery. Curbside service during store hours.

Goldenberry - 71 Elm Street 2nd Floor, (203)972-5887, Email , Website
All Goldenberry foods arrive here sealed and pre-packaged from facilities approved by the FDA & USDA.
Cleaning: For years we've been wiping down surfaces at Goldenberry and cleaning our hands very frequently. But now, we are making it standard practice to clean our surfaces and handles as well as our hands after each customer. We have hand sanitizer, Lysol disinfectant, and paper towels on our customer check out table.
Shipping: We are happy to ship out orders. Feel free to phone Goldenberry with your requests or use our website and choose our DELIVERY option.
Curbside pickups: Feel free to phone in your order or use our website. We will let you know when the order is ready and we can bring it down to your car.

Groove - 115 Elm Street, (203) 920-1700, Website
Groove is offering free local delivery and curbside pickup for any in stock merchandise.

Halo Fitness - 45 Grove Street, (203) 594-9909, Email , Website
As a family-owned business, all of us at the Halo Fitness look at our customers as an extension of our families. We are proud to be a supportive and integral part of our community. During these times of uncertainty and challenge, we wanted to share with our customers the steps we have taken and our outlook. We are expanding both the frequency and depth of our regular cleaning efforts. We have always had hand sanitizer on all counters and are struggling to replenish and maintain our supply. Please use this as you enter and leave our facility if you do not regularly carry any with you. Above all else, we ask you to be as prudent as possible. If you or your family members have flu-like symptoms, please remain at home. The virus spreads with human interaction. From a public health perspective, the situation is rapidly changing and quite fluid. Much is still unknown, but we follow the CDC guidance regularly. As of now, our intention is to schedule make up sessions for those affected. As we understand more about the ramifications involved, we will do our best to be as accommodating as possible. Although your comments and input are most certainly welcome, rest assured that we place the highest priority on the health of our customers and staff.

Handwright Gallery & Framing - 93 Main Street, (203) 966-7660, Email , Website
We are a gallery and frame shop. People either come in to look at art or to get something framed where we gather around a large design area to discuss the project. Last week we implemented the following adjustments to limit risk:
1: Cleaning: A) Frequent cleaning of all doors and handles every time someone comes or goes. B) Handwashing by all employees upon arrival and after all interactions. C) Through wipe-down of design area after each client.
2. We realize that there is a chance that people may be home for a while, therefore we are offering outdoor pickup of framing projects and delivery of these projects to be arranged via phone call, as well as offering private appointments at the store to keep in line with social distancing practices.

Joe's Pizza - 160 Main Street, (203) 966-2226, Email , Website
We are equipping all delivery drivers with hand sanitizer and disinfecting the delivery bags multiple times a day. Please note, we are only able to enforce these measures with our delivery employees. If you order through third party delivery sites such as UberEats, we have no way to enforce these measures with their drivers. We encourage you to order through us either via the Joe's Pizza website or by phone.
As has always been our practice, all sinks are equipped with antibacterial soap and employees wash their hands frequently throughout the day.
Additionally, all surfaces within the pizzeria will be proactively wiped down and disinfected every hour.  
We are also working on creating frozen pizzas so customers can stock up on their favorites and cook pizza at home at their convenience. Check out social media for updates on our progress.

Kean's Korner Mobil - 16 South Avenue, (203) 966-5004, Website
We will provide delivery free with a minimum purchase of $25 to anywhere in New Canaan. Only things we carry in the store will be delivered. Propane, frozen foods, milk, bread, groceries, coffee, candy, danishes, cleaning products, medicines, drinks, tobacco products, cbd, batteries, balloons, magazines and newspapers etc! Just call up and place your order. We will deliver 7 days a week 9:00am-4:00pm. You give us a 30 minute window and we will be there ;) and leave it on your door step! You can pay over the phone with your credit card. 

Le Boudoir - 160 Main Street, (203) 957-8600, Email , Website
We will be offering in-home services to clients who want to avoid multiplying outside exposures.

Le Pain Quotidien - 81 Elm Street, (203) 920-4143, Website
We are sanitizing the tabletops and chairs while cleaning the tables after each guest including the Olive Oil and Salt & Pepper shakers. Increased the frequency of sanitizing the retail counter tops, door knobs, stair rails and bathrooms.

Moda Training - 51 East Avenue, (330) 962-7937, Email , Website
Moda Training has ONE client at a time. No crowds here. Every single weight, handle and machine is wiped down between each session. Come work in a hassle free, uncrowded environment with less than 6 people in per day. Moda is a spotless studio that caters to each person individually. Home training also an option. Please call to book your spot!

Natural Nail Lounge Belle Visage - 32 Forest Street, (203) 594-7259, Website
We have disinfected our facility, doors, tables, chairs, bathrooms, and all contact surfaces with PDI Sani-cloth HB Germicidal Disposable Wipes. We have sanitized salon chairs, pedicure chairs, handles, tables, and dry tables in between each client with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. To reduce contact with clients hands, we always wear gloves during services and wash our hands before and after massage and polish. We will provide hand sanitizer to our clients as soon as they enter our salon and before they exit. We always use disposable tools thrown away after each use (files, buffers, foot buffers, slippers and pedicure tub liner). We have two air cleaners in our salon and will add one more air cleaner to minimize germs in the air.

New Canaan Diner - 18 Forest Street, (203) 594-7595, Email
As always, we adhere to the standards of the Health Department. And as usual, we are keeping all surface areas (menus, counter tops, door handles, register areas, tables, seating, kitchen, bathrooms) continually clean with bleach cleaners. Staff are frequently washing hands, covering a sneeze or cough with a napkin (Catch It, Bin It, Kill It) then hand washing. 

New Canaan Healthfare LLC - 2 Morse Court, (203) 966-5400, Email , Website
At New Canaan Healthfare, we have implemented an in-house shipping system and have partnered with USPS. We are prepared to box, label, and send any products from our store directly to the consumer! Simply call or email us through our website to place your order!

New Canaan Toy Store - 94 Park Street, (203) 966-2424, Email , Website
At this time, New Canaan Toy Store is open during our normal business hours. We will continue to offer our curbside service. Customers can call and place their orders ahead, pay by phone, and their order will be brought out to their car on Park Street or the CVS parking lot on Cherry Street. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to describe our products and make suggestions over the phone.  
We are regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. We will continue to monitor guidance from the Town of New Canaan.

Organika Kitchen - 96 Main Street, (203) 309-5700, Email , Website
Sanitizing all surfaces, wiping down door handles and bathrooms, periodically offering alcohol spray and paper towels and disposable gloves at register.

Press Burger - 19 South Avenue, (203) 966-4445, Website
Our Press Burger Team is reinforcing and augmenting the sanitary methods and procedures we use daily at our restaurant to ensure the safety of our Guests and Team Members during these trying times.
For Quick Pickup of Food: Download our food ordering app in the App Store (Apple) or in Google Play (Android) to allow for preparation of the meal prior to guest arrival and for a speedy pickup while avoiding the need to pay with cash or at the register. Guests can also sign up online. Our Team Members will do everything feasible to ensure that all pickup orders are quickly handed off to our Guests.
For Quick Delivery of Food: We recommend using UberEats. 
We have also installed an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer dispenser in the dining room near the front entrance for guest use.

Salon Kiklo - 126 Main Street, (203) 956-7100, Email , Website
Increased sanitation efforts.

She la la - 120 Main Street, (203) 594-9798, Email , Website
We are following all CDC guidelines. Our employees are not able to come to work if they or someone they live with are sick. We are wiping down our credit card terminals, doors, pens, etc. multiple times a day. We will take phone orders and deliver. 

South End & South End Uncorked - 36 Pine Street, (203) 966-5200, Email , Website
We have taken numerous precautionary steps to provide our customers and staff the safest working environment and up to the minute information. Certain steps to prevent illness and the spread of sickness in the food service industry are always prevalent. We have taken additional steps in the light of the new outbreak. All staff remain on email and phone chains, sharing changing information daily as well as extra shift meetings on how to treat customers in close contact. Sanitize "stations" have been set up at every point of contact with customers, doors and surfaces to minimize potential hazards. Most importantly we are keeping our staff positive and remaining calm in a professional manner. 

Splash of Pink - 140 Elm Street, (203) 945-1818, Email , Website
Taking precautions due to the coronavirus that consist of the disinfecting of the fitting rooms and cash wrap area multiple times throughout the day. We would also be happy to deliver any phone order over $250 to your home if you live in New Canaan. 

Starbucks - 88 Park Street, (203) 972-8110, Email , Website
We have increased our sanitation processes in the lobby and behind the line. We now pour all dairy into customers coffee to reduce contact. We offer UberEats Pick Up, and Curbside pickup.

StretchLab - 86 Main Street, (203) 594-1754, Email , Website
In addition to wiping down our benches, tools, and equipment with sanitizing wipes in between each session, we also deep clean each bench in between each session with disinfectant and sanitize common areas at a minimum of hourly. As always, our entire team washes their hands before and after each session and we have sanitizer available for all of our guests as well.

studiO - 121 Park Street, (203) 594-1427, Email , Website
We are always keeping it calm and clean at studiO with Young Living Essential Oils in our lobby diffuser, EO Products lavender hand sanitizer on our front desk, hand soap and lotion stocked in the bathrooms, and our favorite Thieves cleaner on the floors and used to spray mats down! Our maintenance staff cleans the Barre and the yoga studios throughout the am and instructors request all clients wipe down their mats with the wipe and spray provided. We are encouraging our clients to bring their own mats to yoga classes although we do provide them as well. 
We aim to keep our facility squeaky clean from germs and we have requested that clients help us by staying home when sick and making sure to wash their hands before and after classes as well as making use of our reputable, anti-bacterial safe and good smelling products as you enter or leave studiO! Doors are open during these beautiful warm temperatures!

Studio Elan - 72 Park Street, (203) 920-1010, Email , Website
We clean all surfaces and handles, chairs etc. with Clorox multiple times a day. We ask our customers not to come in if they feel even remotely sick!!! And, we are more than happy to reschedule their appointment without penalty.
If a staff member was sick, I would advise them to stay home and reschedule your appointment with another stylist. Those who know, know that I keep an immaculately clean salon. I have always scored 100% from the New Canaan Health Dept. for the last 7 years, coming up on our 8th!!!!! I thank the people of New Canaan for their continued support as it is small businesses that are going to be impacted the most.

Tequila Mockingbird - 6 Forest Street, (203) 966-2222, Email , Website
We are taking every precaution possible. A few of the extra measures that we are taking to ensure maximum protection for all include going above and beyond our normal Health Code attentiveness to safety and constantly disinfecting door handles, bathroom surfaces, bar and service counters, menus and registers. Additionally, our culinary and cleaning staff changes gloves often and regularly and wash their hands with disinfectant soap.

That Personal Touch - 102 Main Street, (203) 966-8409, Email , Website
You may call us to place orders over the phone. We also offer curbside pickup. 

The Artful Mix - 134 Elm Street, (203) 920-1880, Email , Website
Wipe down with Clorox wipes after each sale/provide purely/virtual shop and deliver.

The Roger Sherman Inn - 195 Oenoke Ridge, (203) 313-9174, Email , Website
We will be delivering meals curbside. Introducing a new spring menu. Children's (under 12) meal will be complimentary with family meals. New menus will be launched on our website and available via email for all inquiries. Also introducing supper club. Guests will be able to order meals for the week at a 15% off rate. Lunch menu to follow....Soups and Sandwiches!

The Studio for Performing Arts - 26 Forest Street, (203) 966-7056, Email , Website
We will be doing as many lessons over Skype as we can and possibly doing video instruction for classes but please email us with any questions!

The Toy Chest - 101 Main Street, (203) 972-0007, Email , Website
Call for curbside pickup of orders.

Togs - 66 Elm Street, (203) 972-2871, Email , Website
We have hand sanitizer at the register. We completely clean all surfaces and door knobs diligently. We can drop off or meet curbside to accommodate our customers.

UCBC Bagels - 11 South Avenue, (203) 594-9280, Email , Website
In order to minimize cross contamination, we decided to stop taking cash. We encourage people to call in their orders ahead of coming in, and lastly, we deliver starting at $30 minimum order.

Vineyard Vines - 67 Elm Street, (203) 442-1348, Website
Our store remains open at this time. To protect our customers and our employees, we are cleaning the store 3-4 times daily, wiping pin pads after every transaction, and maintaining meticulous standards for cleanliness. Buy online, pick up in store, orders can be picked up curbside. Please call if you have any questions. We will update you if we have any further information. The safety and health of our customers is our top priority.

Walter Stewart's Market - 229 Elm Street, (203) 966-4848, Email , Website
We are trying our best to work with our suppliers to keep our shelves stocked. We are taking extra precautions to execute sanitation best practices. We continue to offer home delivery and curbside pickup through Stewart's Online @StewartsMarket.com and have increased deliveries but due to high demand time slots are filling up fast. 

WAVE - 86 Elm Street, (203) 966-1778, Email , Website
Virtual shopping (FaceTime), home delivery, curbside pickup, shipping, telephone and text and email.  

Weed & Duryea - 21 Grove Street, (203) 966-2673, Email , Website
We are focused on sourcing product for our customers and employees to combat COVID-19. We are encouraging hand washing, staying at home when sick, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces.

Zumbachs - 77 Pine Street, (203) 966-2704, Website
All surfaces wiped down every 45 minutes.
For COVID-19 updates, we refer you to the New Canaan Health Department's  coronavirus webpage which details the latest updates from Local, State and the national Health authorities.
Walter Stewart's Market
Would you like to sponsor an upcoming event?
We have a couple spots coming up. Just email or call!
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