This Virtual World of Ours
In reminiscing about past activities and planning new ones, we find reassurance in the realization that we are gradually able to plan more in-person sessions. While remote work and events remain the norm, our programs will continue to virtually help newcomers start their new life in Canada. And as much as possible, we will gather the old-fashioned way as well. For information on future events, follow the link below.
Visiting Cultural Spaces

Our team organized a tour of the Royal Ontario Museum and invited a group of Spanish-speaking newcomers who were preparing to take their Citizenship test. We were guided through a virtual visit to the Cockwell Gallery, a space at the museum dedicated to the art and culture of the First Peoples art and culture.
Opportunities for Newcomers

As part of our strategic alliance with Mercer, we proudly announced the second edition of the Mercer-CultureLink Newcomer Internship Program, an opportunity for newcomers to gain valuable work experience and exposure to the Canadian work culture.
Learning in Mandarin

We joined forces with Scadding Court Community Centre, The Cross-Cultural Services Association and University Settlement. Program workers from all four agencies provided Mandarin interpretation to Park Canada's team during 4 Learn to Camp sessions.
Not a Zoom Meeting

"This trip was amazing! It was so nice to see all the people enjoying nature and having fun. I really appreciate all the effort that CultureLink and Parkbus did so we could enjoy this trip for free. I am looking forward to the next trips."
We are excited to announce the launch of Project 2050: Climate-friendly habits to change the world! This national movement, powered by Earth Rangers in partnership with CultureLink, is about empowering children with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle climate change. Project 2050 teaches children and youth that our habits can have a big impact on the planet, and by working together, we can build a more climate-resilient future. 
Outdoor Fun

How often do get to drive to a Provincial Park? For most of the new Canadians in this group, this was the first time! They walked and climbed trails filled with nature, beautiful trees, smells and sounds of the earth, birds and fresh wildflowers. 
A Testimonial

Originally from Vietnam, Ahn was a newcomer in search for settlement services. She found out about CultureLink and joined our programs. She recently started her first job in Canada.
Links for Life

When matching a newcomer to a mentor, our main goal is to help the new Canadian adjust to their new life in Canada. When years after we hear from long-term friendships that started at one of our programs, our job is all the more worthwhile.