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New Capture Gallery Exhibit Challenges Perceptions
Photography by Jacob Getz and sculptures by Kamran Fallahpour present fluidity of human life and emotions
NEW YORK - September 1, 2016 -- Featuring diverse collections of photography by Jacob Getz and contemporary stylized sculptures by Kamran Fallahpour, PhD, "Plasticity of Perception," Capture Gallery's latest exhibit, opens September 8 and continues through October 23.
The exhibit hinges around the fluid nature of human perception. Getz's work is both ethereal and haunting, showing the fragility of a world where people and objects can evoke an endless array of emotions and feelings, while Fallahpour's art explores the fragility of human nature, resilience, stillness and transcendence. Reduced to their most basic and minimal form, his stylized sculpted figures convey subtle yet powerful expressions that hint at an underlying range of deep emotion, combined with the latest findings in brain science.
The eclectic work of both artists is being bridged by a "Neuro GateArt Installation," through which the viewers can explore own real-time brain reactions to the visual and tactile perceptions of photographs and sculptures in the exhibit. Its visual and auditory representations will be viewed and heard simultaneously on a large screen to create a unique experience of art.
Inspired by forms of life, Getz's images draw upon the human experience and capture intimate moments in the passing of time. At his early age, Getz's vision has garnered numerous awards and recognition, with his photographs being shown in the Kodak House and many other venues nationally and internationally. Even though Getz got pulled into the commercial world that has kept him busy for years, along the way he has passionately compiled a rich body of work in the arena of fine art.
Fallahpour is an Iranian-born American artist and neuroscientist, focusing on sculpture. His work ponders the nature of perception and realities humans construct. His sculptures retain a distinctive quality, a unique sensibility, one of ephemeral humanity, discernible throughout his series of work.
Capture Gallery will present an opening reception on September 15, from 6-8 p.m., at the gallery, 555 West 25th Street, New York, NY, 10001. More information can be found at .