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Announcing a new blog for Alzheimer's caregivers! A place to share your story, learn from other people's experiences, watch videos and talk about innovative care ideas.

If you care for someone with Alzheimer's, you know not everyone always understands what you are going through. is a place to share your stories and learn from other caregivers.

In honor of September being Alzheimer's Awareness Month, please take a minute to share your story so that others may learn from your experience.  SHARE YOUR STORY
Alzheimer's Caregiver Story | I Think a "Fiblet" is Okay.

This story from Holly shows how with just a few words, she was able to calm down her friend from extreme agitation:


I arrived at Bernice's assisted living community one day and found her extremely agitated. The caregivers had tried everything to get her to calm down, but she continued to pace and push people out of her way... READ MORE 

The Janeth Journals | Chapters 1 + 2
We are very excited to share with you an entire book on written by Barbara Malley.  Barbara sent us her story (all 22 chapters!) to publish so that others may hear it and learn from it.  It is about her interactions as a caregiver (starting at 86 years old!) for her younger sister, Janeth, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. READ MORE
Christy Schmid

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5 Excellent Articles on How to Communicate with Someone who has Alzheimer's
If you know someone with Alzheimer's, you quickly realize that you need to adjust the way you communicate in order to have pleasant interactions.  It can be frustrating to talk with someone with Alzheimer's since they will often repeat themselves, get agitated easily and live in an altered reality. READ MORE
Hogeway "Dementia Village" | The Future of Dementia Care?
Hogeway, located in the Netherlands, is the only care facility of it's kind in the world and is home to over 150 people with severe dementia. 

Started by 2 nurses who feared having to put their own parents in a traditional nursing home, 'Dementia Village' (as it has become known) is a place where residents can live a seemingly normal life, but are actually being watched at all times. READ MORE.
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