With gratitude to Hashem,
we are pleased to announce that years of toil have finally borne fruit.
On Sunday morning,
January 6, 2019,
in Lake Worth, Florida,
a group of 100 rabbonim,
South Florida Chevra Kadisha members , local funeral directors, and other donors and supporters joined NASCK staff in consecrating the first Jewish cemetery whose mission is to encourage burial over cremation.

The chinuch bais hakvaros ceremony involves a minyan of men, fasting since dawn, walking the perimeter of the cemetery seven times while reciting specific perakim of Tehillim.

The significance and holiness of the ceremony was palpable to all who were fortunate to attend.

Please partner with us in this historic endeavor
The doors of the South Florida Jewish Cemetery are open at last.
But our work has just begun.
We are still in need of benefactors to dedicate various parts of the cemetery, including the name of the cemetery and the burial of m'sei mitzvah .