Client Announcements
Readspeaker , a global voice specialist provides dozens of languages and lifelike voices with its own industry-leading technology and delivers some of the most natural-sounding synthesized voices on the market. The company enlisted V2 to increase its brand awareness and highlight its position as an independent digital voice partner in an ever-expanding industry.

 Clinc , a highly advanced AI platform, creates unparalleled conversational experiences through its technology’s ability to understand messy and unscripted language and account for the corrections and backtrackings that color complex conversational flows. V2 is tasked with helping increase brand awareness among the enterprise market and validating its platform among key verticals, namely the banking industry.

NAVEX Global , the leader in integrated risk and compliance management solutions, helps businesses around the world—including more than 80% of the Fortune 500—mitigate individual, regulatory and operational risks while boosting performance with its suite of SaaS solutions. The brand selected V2 to build its profile in target markets, with a focus on highlighting the strategic value of integrated risk and compliance in an increasingly regulated world.