New Funding Stacking Order Checklists &
Resource on Document Delivery Processes
Funding Stacking Order Checklists have been updated with substantial changes. There are now three (3) distinct stacking order checklist packages that will be required on each loan uploaded to the AFHA/ServiSolutions Lender Portal.

The checklists have loan documents divided into these three packages:

  1. Closing Package
  2. Credit/Application Package – including the color appraisal
  3. Disclosures Package

In addition to the stacking order checklists changes, the steps in which the lender will upload these packages into eDocs on the AHFA lender portal is also changing. Instructions for the new upload process can be found by clicking here.

A matrix for MO lenders to follow detailing the document delivery processes can also be found on the ServiSolutions website at

Lenders should follow each checklist A, B, C, putting the documents in the order listed on each checklist and uploading each package into the correct folder. Wait until all three sets of packages have been uploaded into eDocs before the file is submitted.   

Please make sure all impacted personnel are made aware of the changes and discard all previous checklists. These three-part, updated Stacking Order Checklists must be used with closed loans uploaded to AHFA as of Monday 11/19/18.  
If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Treece at .