Global Initiatives

Dear Conscious Solutions Friends,
We are hearing wonderful reports from people around the world who are participating in the Blue Sky Challenge, and we are very grateful to all of you for sharing the challenge--as well as the other Global Warming exercises--with family, friends and colleagues. 
Thank You!
There are several extra points I would like to communicate to you:
First, don't be dismayed if the chemtrails do not disappear immediately.  It is the power of your focused consciousness that makes the difference.
You may direct a laser of white light into them, imagine you are erasing them, replace them with a perfect, uninterrupted blue sky, etc.
As you envision them dissolving, you are neutralizing the toxic components they pour into our atmosphere.
When I am working on chemtrails, I simultaneously rotate my hands in a circular fashion and imagine that I am gathering all of the toxic wastes into a huge ball and then I thrust that ball into the unmanifest void.

Remember that our main purpose in de-manifesting them is to capture their "payload" of aluminum, arsenic, barium, lead, and other toxic substances, which they are distributing in huge amounts into the atmosphere and subsequently onto our soils--and thus, ultimately being deposited into our bodies, causing a myriad of illnesses.
Here in New Mexico, we have beautiful blue skies, but we are suffering from a dry, drought-ridden winter.  This may be true of your area as well.  If so, you can use the power of your consciousness to "call the rain," as the Hopi Indians have done for thousands of years.  Find a situation of flooding or excess rain somewhere around the world and magnetize the moisture into your area, while simultaneously replacing their rain clouds with your blue skies.  This technique works very well.
For those of you who received our Eco SOS message recently and began sending rain to Cape Town, South Africa, you may have heard that rain has now fallen there!  Our collective conscious endeavors can rebalance ourselves, and our beautiful planet.

The Conscious Solutions Staff and I send you our support and Great Love,
Chris Griscom