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This month we're going to focus on ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment's HRC division. HRC (Hardware Resource Company) manufactures circuit breaker and switch mounting kits to fit a wide variety of breakers, switches, and panelboards. In addition to hardware kits, HRC produces an entire line of 200-1200 amp NEMA 1 and 3R EZ Can enclosures . Coupled with a full range of circuit breaker mounting kits, EZ Can enclosures can house different makes and models of breakers in a single enclosure!

In addition to the many kits we stock, HRC can fabricate custom mounting kits to meet your specific specifications. HRC hardware kits and EZ Can enclosures are of unsurpassed quality and, of course, made in the USA .

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HRC Circuit Breaker Hardware Kits
So you have a panel board and some circuit breakers that you need to mount to it, but buying the mounting hardware from the manufacturer is not only expensive; it also comes with a long lead time. What do you do now? You call HRC (800-269-7290). HRC stocks MCCB mounting hardware kits for the most common boards and breaker brands.

Cutler-Hammer, Westinghouse, Federal Pacific, General Electric, Siemens / ITE
Parts Included In Our MCCB Mounting Kits

  • Insulated A, B and C Phase Branch Bus For Breaker
  • Breaker Mounting Brackets
  • Insulating Hardware
  • Cover Plates
  • All Screws, Bolts and Washers
Visit The HRC Website: www.breakerhardware.com
Or Call: 1-800-269-7290
HRC stocks more than MCCB mounting kits. We have a full line of panel mounted switch hardware kits to fit a number of board and switch types.
OEM Panel Mounted Switch Part Numbers
  • KPRL4W9X
  • KPRW11X
  • CBA360FDP
  • Call for more options!
Board Types
  • PRL4
  • FDP
  • Call for more options!
Visit The HRC Website: www.breakerhardware.com
Or Call: 1-800-269-7290
The Flexibility to mount everything you need in one enclosure.
HRC EZ Can enclosures allow you to mount many different makes and models of circuit breakers. You're not limited to one make or model in your enclosure. The HRC team designed our EZ Can line of NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures with the flexibility to mount several different manufacturer MCCBs in a single enclosure.

All EZ Can enclosures are UL 508 and suitable for mounting more than just circuit breakers. Motor controls, switches, meters and many other types of electrical equipment that requires mounting in a UL 508 rating can be housed in our EZ Can line.
Visit The HRC Website: www.breakerhardware.com
Hardware Resource Company has been manufacturing mounting hardware kits for molded case circuit breakers since 1977 . Our first customers were switchgear builders, electrical distributors, and electrical contractors. All of our clients needed hardware that was either unavailable from the original manufacturer or prohibitively expensive. HRC filled this gap with manufacturing experience, flexibility of design, and reasonable cost.

We manufacture every one of our hardware kits and EZ Can enclosures at our factory in Commerce, California, USA.
HRC Custom Kits
HRC doesn't limit you to the kits we have in stock. We can help you mount anything you need mounted. Our Design and engineering team will work with you to design whatever hardware you need. Our expert manufacturing team will fabricate your hardware at our production facility in Commerce, California. Whether you need one or one-million custom kits, HRC can get the job done.
Or Call 1-800-269-7290
What do the NEMA Numbers Mean?
Many of you might consider this to be a fairly basic question. However, it never hurts to review what you already know. For those of you who don't know, or were afraid to ask, here's the rundown for NEMA 1 and 3R.

NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. NEMA defines standards in North America for the various grades of electrical enclosures. NEMA type indicates what type of hazards and environments an enclosure is designed to protect against.
NEMA 1 Type Enclosures
General-purpose. Protects against dust, light and indirect splashing but is not dust tight; primarily prevents contact with live parts; used indoors under normal atmospheric conditions.
NEMA 3R Type Enclosures
Weather-resistant. Protects against falling dirt, against weather hazards such as rain, sleet and snow, and is undamaged by the formation of ice. Used outdoors on ship docks, in construction work, and in tunnels and subways
There are many other NEMA types. You can get more information about NEMA and the various ratings on the NEMA website: www.nema.org.
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