In response to recent spikes in COVID-19 cases, Mayor Kriseman has announced that, effective tomorrow, June 19, at 5 pm :

1. business operators and employees are required to wear face coverings in areas of the business open to the public , and

2. businesses are also required to create and post mitigation plans to reduce or eliminate COVID-19 exposure .

The Mayor also announced that he's working on an order to require mask-wearing by residents when in businesses and in group settings, and urged all businesses to post signs on their doors that face masks must be worn by those entering .

The full text of the new order relating to businesses is here . Key provisions include:

WHO : The order applies to all businesses allowed to operate within the City under all current State or County reopening orders. Those required to wear face coverings are the operators, employees, agents, volunteers, contractors, or anyone engaged in the day to day operations of the business, while in areas open to the public .

WHAT : "Face covering" must be worn to cover nose and mouth and includes (i) personal protective equipment that covers the mouth and nose; (ii) a cloth face covering that covers the mouth and nose, as described by applicable guidance from the CDC; or (iii) any equivalent face covering.

  • where it would be "fundamentally incompatible with a job task performed"
  • while eating or drinking
  • while exercising or using exercise equipment
  • while communicating with a hearing-impaired person who needs to see the mouth of the operator or employee
  • where the person has trouble breathing or while a person is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance
  • if following these requirements would be detrimental to health, safety, or security
  • when removing the face covering is necessary to obtain governmental or medical services
  • if following these requirements would conflict with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

The required COVID-19 Mitigation and Contingency Plan means a written plan that:
  • may be based on the CDC Planning Guidance, the OSHA Planning Guidance, or both;
  • must include any applicable guidance for a specific industry that supplements or supersedes the CDC and OSHA guidelines;
  • must be regularly updated to reflect any changes in the above guidelines;
  • must be made available to all employees, all employees receive training to comply with the plan, and all employees comply with the plan;
  • must be made available to the public, and for those portions that apply to patrons, they are clearly communicated to all patrons and public.