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Starting this Thursday, Feb 14thwith Julie Wilson!


Partner Yoga Workshop w/Carolyn   
Friday, February 22nd  
7:00-9:15 PM 
For all couples and all levels of yoga experience.
Bring a partner/friend/relative to this fun-filled, and relationship building workshop. Learn how to breathe, let go, and deepen your practice together. Learn how to find ease and balance with the help and support of a partner.
COST: $25 early bird | $30 after February 15th 

The AWAKEN YOUR MOST MAGICAL SELF series is designed to awaken the inner healer, teacher, shaman, light worker, priestess or intuitive that is yearning to express itself as you. Whether it is to serve yourself or to serve others, you will learn techniques that empower your ability to work with the sacred within and outside.
As we move onward from the initiations we receive on our path, there is a natural CALIBRATION that takes place on all levels of our being. We are looking forward to expanding on this refinement of body, mind and heart! In Level 2 of this series, we will continue with more depth in awakening our skills for more magic to unfold. Students will also receive their Reiki 2 attunement and certification.

Some of the things we will explore in this course:
  • Development of your skills, gifts and talents.
  • More into sacred space, ceremony and magical tools.
  • Delving deeper into your own shadow work (subconscious).
  • Clearing energetic and emotional body.
  • Working with deities
  • Ancestral work
  • Reiki 2 attunement- energetic work on yourself and others; receiving your Reiki 2 attunement & certification through the Usui tradition.
The whole series is 11 weeks long with 6 meeting times every other Thursday from 7-9 pm. For the weeks in between, you will be given coursework and time to process.

Meeting schedule at Sacred Garden Yoga:
Feb 28th | Mar 14th | Mar 28th | Apr 11th | Apr 25th | May 9th


if paid in full
$495 w/payment plan: $198 deposit and 3 monthly payments of $99

** If you did not take the INITIATION course with us, but would like to be considered for this one, please call or email us!

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