New, Fall Classes & Events
Dear Friends,  

I must admit, the last couple of months have just flown by!  
Sedona's monsoon season is finally upon us.  During monsoon, there are towering clouds, bursts of rain, rainbows, and powerful thunderstorms. The air has an electricity about it that makes everything feel super-charged.  
It is a great time to visit Sedona.  

If you were keeping up with the Sedona Medium facebook page, you may have seen pictures of the Night Sky Reiki sessions set up.  I'll include one below, in case you missed it...
The experiences and synchronicities were phenomenal.  We saw several shooting stars, even a fireball!  It was a moving experience!  
During one evening, a woman unrelated to the event, was traveling through the area, and felt drawn to the our location.  She had a wonderful set of meteorites from Canada, and gave both myself and the lovely gentleman receiving Reiki that evening meteorites.  Such a lovely synchronicity and reminder of alignment with the Universe!  I have added three dates in September for Night Sky Reiki Sessions.  I'm planning for around the new moon, when the most stars are visible, including the milky way!
I have decided to change the set up a bit from Massage table to a zero gravity chair for the next Night Sky sessions.  It fulfills the same purpose of comfort and will be a better fit for the environment.  

This week, I have scheduled many new events for the fall season. 
There will be an Animal Totem talk and messages, the return of beloved Spirit Circles, new Sept. dates for Night Sky Reiki sessions, a Spirit Message Service, and a Spirit Art workshop.  
This promises to be a powerful and exciting time, I hope you will join us!

Check out the Energetic calendar below - lots of astrological influences for the month of August, including eclipses, Saturn coming out of Retrograde, and Mercury going Retrograde.

You will also see, I've been busy blogging.  If you have a particular topic that you would like to know more about in a Blog post - let me know.

Finally, for those that are wrapping up Summer vacations ~ I hope the joy, Spirit of play, exploration, spontaneity, and expression that you experience on your travels are remembered throughout the year as a natural part of your Divine nature. 

Many Blessings, Love & Light, 
Christina Wooten

  Night Sky Reiki Session set-up in June :)  
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   New Events for the Fall Season

New Dates!
Appointments available:
September 18, 20, 21st*

Ready to experience the beauty of the Sedona star light with a night time open air Reiki session?  This 90 min experience, taking place in the center of a labyrinth, is the ultimate Sedona Energy experience!
*dates are being finalized with Retreat Center.  Should be 100% in the next day or 2.  If you are interested in a date, let me know asap at
Recent Review from a Night Sky Reiki Session
  September 13   6:00 - 7:00p.m.

Learn more about the profound purpose of our Animal Spirit guides.  Enjoy a talk with Q&A with Christina.   Select Audience members will also receive gallery style messages from the Animal Realms.

  Saturday, October 7
2:00 - 5:00p.m.

Participants will learn how to connect with Spirit and another's energy to express a message for them using abstract watercolors.  No artistic skills necessary and beginners welcome.
Spirit Message Service
October 28   1:00 - 1:30p.m.
Healing Meditation & Gallery Style Readings
Love Donation

  NEW Spirit Circle Dates!
Starting in October - end of 2017
October: October 11, 25
November: November 8, 11, 29
December: December 6, 13

Spirit Circles are effective ways to increase your communication with Spirit, create clarity as you develop your intuitive communication, and practice giving messages to others.  Our Spirit Circles start with a brief, Spirit-Guided talk, followed by the Spirit Circle.
Details in the link.  Special pricing for 4 or more.
Register for your next Breakthrough Experience

Spirit Communication Weekend
  November 11-12, 2017

Heal your blockages to connecting with your Guides, increase your sensitivity, learn new tools

Register now for Early Bird pricing $199
   Energetic Calendar - August 2017

Lots of astrological activity and influences this month!

Neptune & Pluto retrograde all month

August 7- Full Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse (a perfect time for a Gratitude ceremony)

August 8 - 8/8/8 Energies

August 11, 12 - Perseids Meteor Shower

August 12 - Mercury Retrograde begins through Sept 5

August 21- New Moon (a good time to set intentions or repeat affirmations)

August 21 - Total Solar Eclipse (The Sedona Library is having a free viewing event with Solar glasses)

August 25 - End of Saturn Retrograde (woo-hoo!)

Request an Appointment with Christina Wooten:  
phone: 336-420-2398