NewCO2Fuels' (NCF) Revolutionary Reactor Enables Heavy Industry to Transform Their CO2 Emissions into Fuel and other Commodities with Economical Value

Tel Aviv, Israel - November 9,  2015: Following recent statements by President Obama denoting the magnitude of damage caused by greenhouse emissions and " there is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change", the urgency to create new, clean and sustainable energy is more evident and pressing than ever. 

NCF's CO2-heating reactor
NewCO2Fuels , (NCF) is an Israel-based start-up that combats global climate change with heat -powered CO 2 -reducing technology that allows companies to transform their harmful, Earth-threatening waste into a clean, sustainable "syngas" that can be converted into commodities such as chemicals, fertilizers and fuels.

As the EPA sets the first-ever nationwide standard to end the limitless carbon pollution from power plants and lower carbon dioxide emissions by 32% by 2030, NCF has created a solution that turns CO 2 from a liability into an opportunity. The core technology is a high temperature-driven, CO 2 and water dissociation process which not only reduces these emissions, but produces syngas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) from which different synthetic chemicals and fuels can be produced with economic value.

David Banitt, CEO, NewCO2Fuels
Located adjacent to the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science outside of Tel Aviv, Israel, NCF stands-out amongst clean tech companies by having created a self-sufficient system that requires no additional feedstock or energy source other than the waste streams of major fuel and energy-based corporations. 

"We are more motivated than ever to play a crucial role in the solution of the  increasingly crucial world-wide environmental challenge," said David Banitt, CEO, NewCO2Fuels. "The technology and science behind NCF is proven as a viable and accessible method of not only reducing CO2 emissions, but allowing major corporations and heavy industries to transform their own waste into clean chemicals and fuels. Our long term vision is to produce fuel from the air and free the world from its dependency on fossil fuels."  

NCF made outstanding progress in developing its product using over $10M of funds from private investors and donors, and is currently in the midst of raising its third round of finances to develop the product into a world-wide, clean energy-creating phenomena. 
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