Our Two Cents: The Intake Air 4.0 jacket is a design that starts with a full mesh shell, but then adds a “dual liner” system to give you more climate control options than a basic mesh jacket.
The basic shell of the jacket is largely full mesh, which will flow a lot of air and will be great during the hot summer months of the year. The blow-through action of the mesh shell provides plenty of air AND you get the benefit of having the sun off your skin as well. In my opinion, the use of a full-mesh jacket is actually better than nothing at all (in the comfort department), and certainly a lot better than nothing in terms of protection in case of an accident. But in addition to the full-mesh action, this style includes two removable liners to help extend the jacket’s comfort range into cooler weather or wet weather. We found that the jacket works well with the thermal liner OR the rain liner. So, for example, in cooler and/or wet weather you can put in both liners. If it is just cool outside, try just the thermal liner. And if it is warm, but possibly wet, then install just the rain liner. After some experimentation, you’ll figure out what works best for you.
The jacket comes equipped with removable CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a removable triple-density back protector. To account for the varying fit of the jacket with the liners installed or removed, the jacket comes with a good deal of adjustment. There are adjusters at the waist, sleeves, and cuffs which you can use to fine tune the fit.... See The Full Review
MSRP $28.99

XS, SM, Or XXL Only!
MSRP $22.99
Size Small - XL In At Least One Color
MSRP $179.99