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February 2020
"I pledge ... My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service and My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world."
Welcome to the New and Improved Cloverleaf!
Communication in 4-H is imperative, and as our community grows into the 21st century, we feel it right that our newsletter does too. We are now using Constant Contact for all of our Cloverleaves. This software will make your monthly news more engaging with things like polls, RSVP's, pictures, videos, and links to other websites. A major part of this decision is to reduce cost, so we will no longer send paper copies. We will use the email address in the "Family" profile from 4hOnline, but if other family members want to receive an Interactive PDF version, they can sign up by clicking the button in this section. And copies will continue to be posted on the website so you can print them out - If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (530) 538-7201!

Table of Contents
  • Fun Night-Thank You
  • Presentation Day
  • Fashion Revue
  • 1st Year Presentations
  • Colusa County Small Animal Field Day
  • Silver Dollar Fair Info
  • Ag Equipment Project Auction
  • Facebook Page & Facebook Group
  • Council Corner
  • Camp News
  • Club News
  • Calendar
Fun Night
Thank You in word collage
Well folks, we did it again! Another Fun Night has come and gone, and as always, it was wonderfully fun! First off, a great big thank you to the Pine Ridge 4-H Club for doing a great job of coordinating the event. A second thank you goes out to Bangor 4-H for cooking a delicious tri tip dinner, and a third thank you goes out to Biggs 4-H for coordinating and managing the silent auction. A special thanks to Chico 4-H for their help, and amazing support!

Thank you to all of the volunteers and youth who made such amazing game booths! The games booths were very creative and it is always a joy to see what everyone chooses to do! Finally, thank you, to each and every one of you who came out and supported our event. This event is the only fundraiser which supports the Butte County 4-H Program. These funds will be used to provide camp scholarships, pay for county events, provide graduating seniors scholarships for college and vocational schools, and so much more. This event and this entire program could not be done without all of you. Thank you!  

Members, if you attended, make sure you mark your participation in your 4-H record book: County Event Attended, Committee Chair, and/or Committee Member!
Presentation Day
Butte County Presentation Day is Saturday, February 15, 2020 at the Butte College Learning Resource Center. We still need volunteers! Please feel free to sign up by clicking or tapping here .

Registration for Participants, Evaluators, Room Coordinators, and Tabulators: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Opening Assembly: 9:00 am
Evaluator, et al Orientation: 9:00 am
Presentations begin: 9:30 am

Each club is responsible for providing 5 Evaluators, 1 Tabulator, and 1 Room Coordinator for every 10 presenters. So please consider filling these roles! There is also a link to the 4-H Presentation Manual which contains lots of information about the various types of presentations and requirements. Pay special attention to the Matrix on page 10.

Evaluators: Important pages to help you prepare begin on page 33. Pay special attention to the Guidelines for Written Comments on page 40.
Fashion Revue
Theme: The Great Gatsby: Roaring 20's
When: March 14, 2020
Registration: 3:00 pm
Judging: 3:30 pm
Fashion Show: 5:00 pm (estimated)
Palermo 4-H is committed to concluding this event by 7:00 pm out of respect for families weekend plans.
Where: Butte College ARTS Building
Registration can be found by clicking or tapping here . If you are an adult or teen (14-18), that is interested in being an Evaluator, you can sign up by clicking or tapping here .

Categories Offered: 
-Consumer Science Purchased ($40 limit)
-The Box Challenge
-Vintage Challenge 
- Cosplay Challenge
-Great Gatsby: Roaring 20's Challenge

Please note: ONLY the above categories will allow the County Winner to move onto State level competition. (with the exception of the Great Gatsby category which is specific to Butte County)

You must come ready! Beauty College will not be doing hair or make up.

Quilt Show Categories: 
-Quilt Other (includes bags, pillow, etc.)
Please note: Quilt and Quilt Other categories are a County level competition ONLY. These categories may not go onto State level competition!

For more information on individual categories, please visit the State Fashion Revue website , or you can visit the Butte County 4-H Fashion Revue Website .  

For more information, please the 4-H Office at 538-7201. 
Silver Dollar Fair

  • There is a waiting list for market steers. If there are youth in your group that are not planning to stay in the market steer project for 2020 Fair, please contact Shelley Livingston as soon as possible so they can “roll up” youth from the waiting list.

  • It is appreciated if you submit photos & bills of sale/breeder information sooner rather than later. Market Steer photos & breeder information/bills of sale are due no later than 5 pm Jan. 22. See the attached bulletin for opening dates for market lambs, goats & rabbit meat pens as well as photo & breeder information/ bills of sale deadlines.

  • There are a few livestock awards that need a sponsor with a range of sponsor amounts. If you, or someone you know, may interested in sponsoring an award, please contact Shelley as soon as possible who can give you the available options.

  • Shelley can reached for questions at shelley@silverdollarfair.org or 895-4436.
1st Year Presentation
This is only for first year members who did their presentation at club level. If this form is not turned in, the 4-H member will not be able to participate at the fairs . Please submit all completed forms to the 4-H office by March 23rd, 2020!! 
Colusa County Small Animal Field Day
Colusa County Washburn Ag and Feed in Arbuckle is hosting a Small Animal Field Day Event on March 7, 2020. Registration for the event can be located by clicking or tapping here .
Entries are due by February 24, 2020, late entries will NOT be accepted.
Ag Equipment Project Auction
The Silver Dollar Board of Directors has approved a Junior Ag Equipment Project that would/may be eligible for the Junior Livestock/Ag Equipment Auction if selected by the judge(s) to be sold at auction. This is an opportunity for youth to enter and possibly sell an ag equipment welding project. 

To clarify, an individual student may enter an ag equipment project eligible for the auction OR a market animal entry to be eligible for the auction, not both. A group/club/chapter entry would be entered under the organization, not individual students. All projects must have a certified/credentialed welding leader and be approved by Manager Nick DiGrazia.

More details can be found here . The Exhibitor Handbook is now online with Department Division & Class info.
Facebook Page and Group
4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults, in a hands-on environment. With that mission statement in mind, we want to make sure that all 4-H Families are able to receive news and information, regardless of any situation. So we have created a Butte County 4-H Facebook Page where we will post pictures and information about our events. We have also created a Butte County 4-H Facebook Group Page which will be a place for Members and Volunteers to ask questions about the program, make suggestions, and give voice to our program's needs. We hope you will request membership to both pages and assist in our 4-H Program's growth!
Council Corner
The first Butte 4-H County Council Meeting of the new year is on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at the Farm Bureau; (2580 Feather River Blvd. Oroville CA 95965) , at 7:00 pm. This is where all the decisions about your 4-H program are made and put into action. Your 4-H Club should have at least one youth or adult in attendance. If you do not attend, others will be making decisions for you! Every Butte County 4-H affiliated individual is invited. Come and let your voice be heard! This is a very important meeting as we would like all our clubs to start on the same page!  
Camp News
Video Credit: Nico Donati & Jordan O'Neal
2020 Camp Rockin’ U Teen Camp Counselors
Meetings will be held at either the Durham Butte County Library, (2545 Durham-Dayton Hwy), Butte County Farm Bureau (2580 Feather River Blvd. Oroville CA 95965), or Durham Park. For more information, please contact Camp Director, Bill Anderson at 530-864-5572 (after 6:00 pm).

Please mark your calendars to remind you of these meetings.
  • Feb. 19, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Mar. 18, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Apr. 22, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • May 13, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • CAMP June 28 - July 2, 2020

Camp is a countywide project. Teens, if you choose to participate, 4-H camp can be your project for the year. 
2020 Camp Rockin’ U Adult Camp Counselors
Every year, we have our Butte County 4-H Camp. It is always an amazing time! The Camper's get immersed in activities that promote the Camper's full potential as 4-H Members. It also assists the Teen Camp Counselors with Leadership Skills that they will go on to use as potential Adult Leaders. That being said, the youth CANNOT do this alone! We need adult volunteers! There is no fee to be an Adult Counselor, you get to spend 4 days enjoying the great outdoors with 4-Her's, how great is that!

If you are interested in being an Adult Camp Counselor, please contact the 4-H Office at 538-7201.
Club News
Shasta 4-H Club met at Shasta Elementary on February 3, 2020. The club members made Valentine's cards for the elderly at Rose's and Ivy. Vice President, Marki Owen went over upcoming fair deadlines. The historian, McKenna Coutolenc reminded the 4-H'ers to send her photos for the scrapbook she is working on. The club talked about Swine Day, the Butte County Rabbit Show, CSUC Goat and Sheep Day and of course Fun Night.  A great time was had by all! Shasta 4-H Club is offering a new project, "Dog Tricks" which will began Tuesday, February 4, 2020. - Submitted by Tori Collins, Club Reporter
Chico 4-H Club had a busy December providing community service by adopting a family, and giving them Christmas presents. They also rang bells at various locations for the Salvation Army. The club's drive thru dinner is on March 12, 2020. They will have delicious tri-tip, rice, salad and a treat for only $10. Tickets can be purchased from any Chico 4-H club member or from the CCL, Theresa Schneider. - Submitted by Ryley Vanella, Club Reporter
Palermo 4-H Club is hosting Fashion Revue this year, and have decided on a Roaring 20’s theme! They are excited to put on this event and show the ways they made it shine!
A lot of Palermo members attended Sheep/Goat Field Day, and Swine Day at CSUC, and they learned a lot! 
Fun Night was a great night! The club's movie trivia booth, (which was chaired by the Hoffman family), was a lot of fun. 
The Leadership project held a mini presentation day which was open to all Palermo 4-H members, and had guest Evaluators Ryan Cleland, Tristan Bosch, and Melanie Rasmussen. Each 4-H'er was evaluated using the county judging standards, and the members were given a lot of great feedback! - Submitted by Tylar Ainslie, Club Reporter
Cloverleaves Submission Schedule
To get the Cloverleaves edited and e-mailed by the first of the month, articles need to be received by the office by the last week of the month preceding the month of the edition that we are working on. Please use the table below as reference and we thank you for your cooperation.

For the below Cloverleaf issues, articles need to be in by:
Mar. 02/29/20
Apr. 03/31/20
May 04/30/20
June 05/25/20
The Butte County 4-H 2019-2020 Calendar can be found on our website here.

Tap or click here to visit the State 4-H calendar page which includes dates, deadlines, email lists you can sign up for, and archived State newsletter.
Thanks for reading!