September Continuing Education News
Featured Webinars
Online workshop organized and hosted by the Addie Center for Nonviolence Training on Sept 3 and 10. Learn more.
1-HOUR Webinar, Thursday, 9/10, 6:00 pm (ET) / 3:00 PM (PT) FREE
Come join our conversation as we wonder out loud together if children are doing better without school. Sponsored by the Antioch University IMA Program, in partnership with the Transformative Learning Foundation
1-hour webinar, Mon., 9/14, 4:00 p.m (ET) 1:00 p.m. (PT) FREE
Drawing on the research for her brand-new book, Parents of Adult Children: You Are Not Alone, longtime family chronicler Barbara Greenleaf tackles many of the thorny and rarely discussed issues facing parents with grown children: the difficult daughter in-law, millenials who fail to launch, the trouble with handing out money, and much more.
Webinar, Monday, 9/14, 12:00 - 1:15 (EDT) FREE
Some communities and some populations are more vulnerable to changing climate conditions than others. Extensive research here in the United States and across the world points to populations of concern including those that are low-income, people of color, immigrant populations, people with limited English proficiency, Indigenous people, and others. Learn more and Register here.
5-hour Colloquium LIVE via Zoom, Sat. 9/12, FREE                 
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm(ET) / 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (PT)
Our intellectual community will have the opportunity to share and gain knowledge about communities enacting healing practices that promote peace, power and progress.

1-hour webinar, Friday, 9/18, 1:00 pm (ET) 10:00 am (PT) FREE
We are currently living through a pandemic in which the virus, in large part, attacks the respiratory system. Breathing is the only autonomic function we can control and yet, the majority of us never do. In this presentation, we will learn how conscious, controlled, and correct breathing can assist in mental and physical well-being.
Online Courses for Academic Credit
for fall quarter 10/5 - 12/18

Communications - Undergraduate Level
  • Election 2020, COMM-4800-3/4, 3 quarter credits, online on Tuesdays, 4 - 6:30 PM (PT) starting Oct. 6.
  • Community Radio, COMM-4800-13/14, 3 quarter credits, online on Wednesdays 4 PM-6:30 PM (PT) starts Oct. 7.
Environmental Studies- Undergraduate Level
  • Birds in the Field & Human Imagination, ENV-3030-3/4, 3 quarter credits, online on Thursdays 4 PM-6:30 PM (PT) starting October 8, plus two optional field trips: 10/10, 10/31 (Alternatives available for students not in the Seattle area or not comfortable with group field trips)
Social Justice - Undergraduate level
  • Unpacking White Privilege, SOJ-4800-1, 3 quarter credits, Online, Mondays, 7 PM-9:30PM (PT) starting October 5.
Education - Master's Level
  • Examining Self-Leadership Capacities for Social Justice, EDUC-6000, 4 quarter credits, online on Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:30 (PT) starting Sept. 29.
Woman sitting at table with phone in Woman sitting at table with phone in hand.
Environmental Studies - Master's Level
  • Proposal Writing and Project Management, ES-5240, 3-cr, online with meetings monthly on Sat. and Sun. 1:00 - 5:00 starting 9/12
  • Facilitating Organizations Towards Sustainable Practices, ESPE-5605, 1-cr. online starting 9/5
  • Environmental Advocacy, ES-5150, 3-cr, online starting 9/12
Education - Master's Level
  • Becoming a Trauma Informed Educator, EDU-5010, 3-cr., online
  • Intro to Humane Education, ED-5010, 3-cr. online starting 9/13
  • Natural History for Early Childhood, 1 cr., Sec. B, online, asynchronous 9/12 - 10/25
  • Movement and Storytelling in the Early Childhood Classroom, 1 cr., Sec. B, online, asynchronous 10/24 – 12/5. with required Zoom sessions/activities: 11/14 – 15, 9:00 am-5:00 pm.
Psychology - Doctoral Level
  • Positive Psychology -Research & Practice, PYC-7260, 1-cr, online on 10/3 & 10/4

First time Antioch University New England students may "try-us-out" with discounted tuition.
Creative Writing
2 week online class, Sept. 15 - 27, $99                               
Flash prose, sudden fiction, micro fiction The definitions vary: “work under 1500 words.” These gems are dynamic and the possibilities endless. Kate Maruyama knows Journals are looking for flash prose. Here you will come away with solid work, & tools to keep writing prose that spark.

With Kate Carmody & Stephanie Teasley
4-week Online Class / Asynchronous (at your pace, on your time) Sept. 28 - Oct. 25, 2020 / $199
In this course we will look to essays, poems, music videos, Reddit threads, YouTube Videos, short stories, book reviews, criticism, and more to examine how language functions to maintain white supremacy or works to dismantle it. Students will produce reflective writing as well as creative writing
90 Minute Webinar, Thursday September 10, 7:00 pm (ET), 4:00 pm (PT) $39
What makes a picture book successful? We will read and study three fiction picture books. Enjoy the story and learn from the craft. Get into your kid brain! with Adrien Kade Sdao.

Counseling, Therapy and Psychology
Online workshop, Saturday, Oct. 3, 12 pm to 7:30 (ET) / 9:00 am - 4:30 (PT)
This workshop will ground participants in the process of integrating creative arts therapies into their professional settings. Whether treating client online or on-site, active strategies promise innovative options. Participants will gain a new perspective on the use of play and particularly on improvisation and improvised story as therapeutic tools that embody, express, reflect, and witness. More Information.

Trauma and Overwhelm Lives in the Body with Sergio Ocampo, LMFT, SEP 4-part live webinar series, starting 9/19, $199

Mindfulness and Wellness
with Diane V. Capaldi, 3 Hour Workshop,
Sat., Sept.12, 1 pm (ET) / 10am (PT) $78
We are all healing from something either emotionally or physically and often times a collective of both. Healing involves active participation and yet most of us believe this happens outside of ourselves. The Psychology of Healing focuses on the role we have in our own healing.

Climate Change Resilience
Join the Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience for a series of free webinars or online courses focused on the fundamentals of climate change resilience. You may sign-up for individual courses or apply for the 9-credit Climate Resilience Certificate for Professionals starting in late August. In addition, Antioch has Masters Certification Programs.