Issue 169| March 13th, 2020
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New Coronavirus Info + Xtras!
Watch this video for the latest status of the Coronavirus, updated prevention info, a DIY sanitizer recipe, stress reduction strategies, and what foods to eat and what not to eat to maximize your immune system, based on the most recent information we have at this time.
X Gym's Xtreme Cleaning Xcellence Xceeds Coronavirus Precaution Standards!
Would you believe the X Gym could be even cleaner than your own home? It's been said we are now because of the Xtreme measures we are taking to keep our members healthy so they can get plenty of "Vitamin X" to strengthen their immune systems with Xercise!

Xercise raises your body temperature, helps you to breathe deeply so viruses can't get a foothold in your lungs, boosts your mood and attitude, blows off stress, and even changes your gut microbiome, to name just a few ways Xercise helps you fight off bad bugs!
Another Happy Online Member
Bill comments on the benefits of switching from live training to online training (even though he was skeptical at first).

Click the video to the right to see how happy he is with his online training Xperience during one of his quarterly visits to the X Gym.

It's Xactly 21 minutes TOTAL when your X Gym workout is at home!
Quick Quotable:
"No, it doesn't get easier,
and that's why you get stronger!"
- PJ
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