City of Cottleville New Solid Waste Collection Schedule Begins March 1, 2021!

Effective March 1, 2021 a new collection schedule for yard waste, solid waste and free bulky pick up will begin.  Therefore, your day of the week for collection service might change. However, we plan to provide the same level of service while improving efficiency.  In an effort to address driver work loads, trucks will operate four days a week and split the City of Cottleville in two using Dardenne Creek as a dividing line. By operating with fewer collection trucks 4 days a week it will help keep the costs to you among the lowest in the region.  By having more collection days each week, this will spread out service to customers which is why residents may have a new collection day. To see YOUR March 2021 yard waste, solid waste, and free bulky pick up collection schedule, click here: Subdivision Collection Schedule

*The new collection schedule will not affect the blue bag collection process.

Subscribe Now to Recycle Curbside in Cottleville

The City of Cottleville curbside recycling program has moved to a subscription only service.  Enroll now and we will apply a Blue Bag Crew Sticker to your existing Cottleville trash can so you can continue to receive blue bags and be a Blue Bag Crew Recycle Member.