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December 2019
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Thatcher's Spy
My Life as an MI5 Agent Inside Sinn Féin
By Willie Carlin
March 1985, as he climbed the six steps of Margaret Thatcher’s
prime-ministerial jet, little did Willie Carlin know the role Freddie
Scappaticci played in saving his life. So began the dramatic
extraction of Margaret Thatcher’s key undercover agent in Sinn
Féin—Willie Carlin, aka Agent 3007. For 11 years the former
British soldier worked alongside former IRA commander Martin
McGuinness in the republican movement’s political wing in
ISBN 9781785372858
Irish Academic Press/Merrion Press
The Murders of Boysie Singh
Robber, arsonist, pirate, mass-murderer,
vice and gambling king of Trinidad
By Derek Bickerton
The Murders of Boysie Singh, first published in 1962, is a classic for several reasons. It tells the true but almost unbelievable story of a Trinidadian badjohn who in the 1940s and 1950s was a much reported celebrity of the criminal and legal world. Believed to have committed scores of murders in his guise as a pirate who dumped would-be migrants from Trinidad to Venezuela overboard to the sharks, he was hanged for just one proven crime, a murder he in fact may not have done, and for which no body was found. The story that Derek Bickerton tells is a classic because it both focuses on themes that remain pertinent to Trinidadian culture and reminds the reader that current alarms about crime and an escalating murder rate are very far from new.
ISBN 9781845234492
Peepal Tree Press LTD
The Principals of Corporate Sentencing in EU Law
By Vanessa Franssen
The EU is strengthening its grip on national criminal law in its
fight against corporate crime, and the punishment of corporations features prominently among its concerns. However its current efforts to approximate Member States’ criminal laws
are weakened by the diversity of national sentencing rules and a
thorough analysis of corporate sentencing is lacking both at the
level of the EU and in most national systems.
ISBN 9781849466509
Hart Publishing
Independent Publishers Group | Website
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