CrossOver Sunday Snapshot
New Hepatitis C Clinic
Did you know that new cases of Hepatitis C have increased by 250% since 2010? This serious liver disease can progress to chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Luckily new advances in medications now have a 95% cure rate, as compared to a 50% rate in the past.

In the past, CrossOver Healthcare Ministry has screened patients for Hepatitis C and then referred them to outside institutions for treatment.

Thanks to the availability of these new medications along with the expertise of Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Vivian Bruzzese, we are starting our own dedicated Hepatitis C treatment clinic. 

While these new medications are highly effective, they are also extremely expensive. A 12 week course of medications can cost more than $60,000 out of pocket. Thankfully, because of our partnership with The Pharmacy Connection administered by the Virginia Health Care Foundation, we can provide these medications to our patients for just $4!

Being able to treat our patients for Hepatitis C allows for better, more integrated care and leads to better outcomes.

C rossOver Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Vivian Bruzzese
Other News:
  • Croissants at Crossover - Come take a tour of the Western Henrico Clinic Tuesday, February 20th at 8:00 am. Please RSVP to Major Gifts Officer Corliss Hamilton at
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