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The new DR 2434 (05/26/16) is now available.  Begin using this form immediately!  Changes were made to Paragraph E - Credit Sales.  

Other form changes are the Standard Sales Tax Receipt (DR 0024)   and the Statement of Sales Taxes Paid on Motor Vehicle Leases (DR 0026) .   Dealers must begin using the updated forms by July 1.  

Don't forget to sign up for the in-person training on the new temporary permits, hosted by the Department of Revenue, as space is limited.  If you can't make the in-person training, video training is available.   https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dmv/senate-bill-15-090-temporary-registration-document-standards  If you missed this information in our last newsletter, it is included below.

The Colorado Department of Revenue started issuing driver's licenses with a new design as of March 28, 2016.  The new design is valid for secure and verifiable ID if it includes the "star" at the top right. See the below article for more features of this new license.

The Dealer Board has approved an increase of 14% in the dealer fees for Fiscal Year 2016/17.   See below for the new fees.  

Are you a CIADA Member?  If not, consider joining now.  CIADA is a dealer association set up to work for you! 

CAPSS continues to offer Pre-Licensing/Mastery Exam classes in Montrose and Mastery Exam, Getting the Car Deal Rolling, and Compliance Classes on-line. Included below we explain our classes and how they may benefit your dealership!

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Connie J. Hatch
Temporary Permit Changes
The current temporary permit and dealer stub will be discontinued and will be no longer valid for issuance on and after July 1, 2016.  Any remaining inventory should be returned to the Department for proper destruction.  Refunds cannot be granted for the current temporary permits and dealer stubs already purchased by your dealership.

The new permits are to be placed on the rear of the vehicle where a license plate should be - using the new mounting boards.

Dealer training is scheduled in the following cities:
  • Denver
  • Pueblo
  • Durango
  • Greeley
  • Steamboat Springs
  • Grand Junction
On-line training is available as of May 16, 2016.  The on-site and video training will cover the same topics and you can attend either one.  The secret keys for on-line training are:  SalesPers#4 for sales person training, and DealerGroup#2 for dealer training.

The Title and Registration Section has worked with three counties: Denver, La Plata and Mesa to run a pilot issued program, beginning May 23, 2016.  The pilot program will prevent the counties from selling temporary permits to dealers in these counties on and after May 23.  If your dealership is located in one of these counties, please visit your local DMV prior to May 23rd, to ensure adequate number of temporary permits.

Dealers should begin issuance of the new temporary permits following the regional training.  This will allow for both dealers and counties to begin issuance of these temporary permits at the same time and allow for a staggered implementation around the state. 

The new system will print the temporary permit and registration receipt at the dealership and upload all transactions performed to the department, law enforcement, tolling authorities, and parking authorities daily.

Temporary permits will be issued through the system at the following url: https://co.quickcartag.com/  Support for this system is available through Fairfax Imaging (vendor) at 844-425-5824.  

Dealership administrators are able to create a user and obtain a PIN # on the QuickCarTag system beginning this week.   A dealership may designate anyone as an administrator.  The administrator will setup access for the sales staff and/or agents for the dealership.

With the PIN #, dealership employees may register.  Dealers may begin using this system as of the roll-out dates on the above map. All dealers MUST use this system as of July 1st.

For more information and training schedules, visit Titles & Registrations - SB 15-090 

If you have additional questions or would like more detailed information, please contact Kyle Boyd at 303-205-8353 or kyle.boyd@state.co.us   

NEW Colorado Driver Licenses and Identification Cards

The Colorado DMV has begun issuing driver licenses, instruction permits and identification cards with new designs in 2016.  The card design includes an entirely new format and enhanced features, including laser-engraved information in grayscale, as well as a new card material.  A crack across the photograph is a security feature built into all cards to make them more difficult to duplicate and is normal.

Valid driver licenses, instruction permits and identification cards with the current design can be used until their expiration date.

Temporary documents received in the office will look different, with individulas receiving a foldable temporary card.

The start at the top right of the card indicates that your document is a REAL ID and can be used for all secure and verifiable ID purposes.

Documents issued under the Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (CO-RCSA) will still contain a black box that states "Not Valid for Federal Identification, Voting or Public Benefit Purposes".

The Dealer Board has approved a 14% increase in Dealer Fees.  As of July 1st, 2016, these fees are in effect and must be presented with the appropriate forms submitted to the Auto Industry Division:

$519 - Original Dealer-Wholesaler-Buyer Agent-Wholesale Auctions
$519 - Original Powersports Dealer
$423 - Renewal of any of the above licenses
$125 - Original Salesperson
$96   - Renewal Salesperson
$96   - Additional/Multiple Licenses
$96   - Reissue/Transfer Salesperson
$519 - Original Manufacturer/Distributor
$423 - Renewal Manufacturer/Distributor
$125 - Original Manufacturer Representatives
$96   - Renewal Manufacturer Representatives
$50   - Late Fee - All License Types
$342 - Off-Premise Permits
$217 - Additional Locations
$125 - Address Change
$125 - Class Change
$125 - Ownership Change
$125 - Name Change
$25   - License Reprint

TRAINING: In-Person  and On-Line

CAPSS offers training for all your staff!  

Pre-Licensing In-Person classes are held for new dealer/wholesaler and salesperson applications every-other week in Montrose. Our Pre-Licensing class covers compliance with the laws governing motor vehicle and powersport vehicle sales, including salesperson licensing.  Advertising, repossession, contracts, financing disclosure requirements, truth-in-mileage, disclosures required by the State of Colorado, damage disclosures, salvage vehicles, emissions, and more.  The state's Mastery Exam is administered at the end of the class.  Pre-registration is required: call Connie at 970-209-7499.

CIADA offers a similar Pre-Licensing class in Lakewood.  Check www.ciada.org for details.

On-Line Training!


  • Mastery Exam Seminar - A new salesperson has joined your staff and needs to pass the Mastery Exam, but you are unable to send them to the in-person Pre-Licensing class.  CAPSS has an on-line seminar focused on preparing the salesperson to take the Mastery Exam.  Two practice tests are included.  After studying with the on-line class, the dealership can administer the Mastery Exam at your dealership (a password must be obtained from the Auto Industry Division before administering the exam).
  • Getting the Car Deal Rolling Seminar - Just received your dealers or salesperson license?  Are you a new title clerk that needs the basics? This on-line class focuses on the basic sale and title paperwork and has a manual that can be downloaded and printed.  You will learn about contracts, disclosures required, the FTC Buyers Guide, finance documents, title documents, title transfers and more.  A personalized certificate is available at the end of the class to document your continuing education.
  • Compliance - The Well Informed Dealer/Salesperson -  Can't afford the time or money to attend training or send your staff for training?  Are your employees prepared to answer questions during an audit by the Auto Industry Division?  Will your deal jackets contain the proper documents required by state law? The consequences, both criminally and administratively, are severe if you are not in compliance with state or federal laws.  This class covers the Truth-in-Mileage Act, Damage Disclosures, Salvage laws, Lemon laws, Advertising, plate usage, safety inspections, As-Is and Tow-Aways, OFAC, Safeguards, Redflags and more.  Anyone completing this course will be better prepared for an Auto Industry Division audit.  Personalized certificates are available at the completion of this class to document your continuing education.   

If your dealership is located on the western slope, CAPSS will travel to you for training or for an on-site compliance inspection.  Contact Connie for details:  970-209-7499, or e-mail:  connie@capsscolorado.com  (That's CAP with two SS)   Learn more about us at www.capsscolorado.com 
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