Setting the Field
Daily 15 Minute Community Meditations
As we were completing our Leadership course at the end of September, Lucia and Aurora suggested that we meet to continue the beautiful field that we had created during the training. It has long been a dream of our community to be together more often and to support each other in real ways, so this seemed like a fabulous way to do that!

Thus, Setting the Field was created! We began to meet daily, inviting the Facilitators and Facilitators-in-training to lead 15-minute (Monday-Friday) visualizations, meditations, labyrinth-walking, sound experiences and whatever creatively unfolded within them. We hope that you will be with us as we join our hearts, ground our bodies, and support our community of souls. We thank Lauren Liberti for organizing these experiences for us.
New Leadership Teachers Are Certified!
It is with great pride and joy that we announce the certification of 5 new Leadership Team-Teachers!

Aurora Youngs and Lauren Liberti from the US and Lucia Birch, Ruth Cooper, and Geoff Dilley from the UK completed their training at the completion of our 2-module Leadership course in September.

These amazing individuals taught the Principles of Spiritual Leadership together from their hearts and souls, creating a unified field as their vibration and intention. They brought to our trainees and students a quality of knowledge and understanding that was palpable and consistent.

We offer our deepest congratulations to these lovely souls and our gratitude for their wisdom and truth.
Inhabiting the Body
Online Four Class Series With Experiential Yoga
Join Lauren Liberti for 4-week experiential class each Wednesday in November, that combines very gentle, basic yoga moves, active sequencing, meditation, and opportunity for discussion.

There will be a FREE introductory and Q & A session on October 28th! The call-in details are on page linked below:
The Courage to Create Harmony in Life
By Jayn Adina
Once upon a time, there was a lady and a man who loved one another in the way of the human. They thought many times of the gifts that their love brought them and how they would like to make a world where everyone felt the love that they felt.
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