Director's Letter

Today we release our latest report from the Jewish Futures Project, our flagship longitudinal study of thousands of Birthright Israel applicants. The findings confirm earlier reports about Birthright's impact on shaping the Jewish trajectories of a generation of Jewish young adults.  Read more

Beyond 10 days: Parents, Gender, Marriage, and the
Long-term Impact of Birthright Israel

The Jewish Futures Project is a longitudinal study that follows a group of several thousand Birthright Israel participants and a "control group" of those who applied to the program but did not participate. This report draws on survey data from the 5th wave of the project, conducted in 2015-16.

The study continues to assess Birthright's long-term impact and explores the program's effect on different subgroups: those with one versus two Jewish parents, men versus women, participants who are single versus in a committed relationship, and those whose sole Israel experience was a Birthright trip.  Learn more

Contemporary Jewry
Recently Published in Contemporary Jewry

CMJS authors examines the data for three generations of children of intermarriage and find that children of intermarriage are now more likely to be raised Jewish and receive Jewish education, more likely to identify as Jewish in adulthood, and more likely to practice aspects of Judaism. 
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CMJS author Janet Krasner Aronson looks at the impact of Birthright Israel on the parents of participants and the ways in which the parents' indirect exposure to their adult children's experiences in the program affected those parents' connections to Israel.    View article