March 2021 | Issue 2
New Dates for the 2021 Annual Meeting - Mark Your Calendar!

Planning has begun for an in-person Annual Meeting this year and while we are excited to see everyone again, we remain committed to providing a safe meeting environment. In support of this goal, the meeting dates have moved from summer to the fall. Mark your calendar to join us in Colorado Springs on September 28 through October 1!
Regional Policy
Preserving the Columbia River Basin
The Columbia River Basin is valued for its rich diversity of habitat, its agricultural productivity, its role as a vital transportation link, its recreational opportunities and natural beauty. A diverse human population also calls the basin home and efforts to protect and preserve this special place are being made at many levels. To learn more about recent activities, click below.
How Agriculture Research Supports the West: A Spotlight on WAAESD
A truly diverse region, the West faces unique challenges related to water and agriculture. Ensuring that we provide our members with great resources, CSG West collaborates with other organizations to share best practices in support of state efforts. One such organization is the Western Association of Agriculture Experiment Station Directors (WAAESD). Organized in 1948, WAAESD aids in the planning and management of research activities important to the region. To learn more about the organization and their work, click below.
U.S. Supreme Court
Does $1 Qualify as Redressable Injury?
With an 8-1 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court recently concluded that nominal damages of $1 are sufficient to meet the requirement of "redressable injury" to bring forth a lawsuit. Chief Justice Roberts offered a singular dissent addressing the complexities of the issue. Affirming concerns put forth in the SLLC amicus brief, Justice Roberts voiced concern that per the Court's opinion, "federal courts [must now] open their doors to any plaintiff who asks for a dollar". To read more about the case and concerns for states, click below.
Addressing Malicious Prosecution

If a person is charged with a crime, but not prosecuted, can they make a case for malicious prosecution? In the case of Thompson v. Clark the U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on this complex scenario. Additionally, the Court will determine the burden of proof for an exemption to the warrant requirement to justify a search. To learn more about the details of this case, click below.
Amicus Brief Addressing Appellate Costs Filed with U.S. Supreme Court

In City of San Antonio, Texas v., L.P. the general rule that the litigation loser on appeal pays the winner's appellate costs has been called into question. The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) filed a Supreme Court amicus brief arguing federal district courts should be able to waive the general rule and points out that the ability to exercise sound discretion has the potential to provide cost savings to local governments and the taxpayers they serve.
Click below to learn more.
Member Programs
Apply Today to Join the 2021 WLA Class
“WLA provided me with an opportunity to learn methods to be an effective legislator in a non-biased environment and friendly atmosphere that I never could have learned elsewhere. The facilities and the staff were outstanding and the education I participated in there has served me well and will continue to help me through my legislative time."

- Senator Fred Baldwin (WY)
Member Resources
COVID-19 State Resources
Be sure to check out the CSG COVID-19 resource site for updated information on initiatives and resources related to state responses to the pandemic.
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