2020 Short Legislative Update
Monday, June 29nd, 2020
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Mississippi State Flag

On Sunday, both the Mississippi House and Senate voted to retire the state flag. Thanks to all my colleagues who helped make this change possible. Additionally, much appreciation to all the outside organizations who put pressure on us to do the right thing for the next generation of Mississippians. Now, the real work starts to enhance our state.

Since I was elected on June 28th, 2016 in a special election, I have been an outspoken proponent for changing the flag. It is very ironic that 4 years later on June 28th, 2020, I got to “officially’ vote to retire a flag that has been the source of much dissension in my beloved state of Mississippi.

No matter what side of flag issue you were on, I am excited to work with you to improve our Mississippi!!! To those who have issue with the flag change, I respect your feelings and attitudes. You won’t catch me gloating or bragging about the new direction. I think this would be counterproductive. Furthermore, I am hoping other Mississippians take this same posture in an effort to unite instead of divide. We should not leave this moment in a worse situation than what we started. While I know we have much work to do, Mississippi has entered an era of change, in my opinion, for the better.

Please click links below to read articles about the flag and other useful info. Due to the fact this has been a long week, I will send out a newsletter later in the week to recap the last several days of this unique legislative session that will surely go down in history.
Here are a few photos of my colleagues and I during this historic weekend. Again, no matter how each of us voted, we must remain unified to create a better Mississippi.

Marshall Ramsey (On Point)
Mississippi Delta Sunset
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