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New Fiscal Year Dealer Fees
Effective July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
The new fee schedule is effective July 1, 2018. The majority of the fees have increased by 12%.

Dealer and Wholesaler license renewals are $474, new applications are $581. Salespersons license renewals are $108, new applications are $140.

The Off-Premise Permit fees adopted are $500 - for a full permit (which allows you to show and sell at an event) and $200 for limited sales permit (which allows you to show and negotiate for the sale - but not complete the sale paperwork at an event). Off-Premise permits are valid for up to six (6) days, but permits for up to twenty days are available for the following:
  • Colorado State Fair
  • Stock Show
  • Greeley Stampede
  • Denver Auto Show

Register with DRIVES before May 30, 2018
On August 6, 2018, all Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) systems that control vehicle and vehicle-related information will be replaced with a new system called Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution (DRIVES). As part of this transition, transactions at Colorado motor vehicle offices will be unavailable August 1-5, 2018.
To assist customers who will be converting their dealer-issued temporary registration permits to permanent registrations, the DMV has programmed the tag issuance system to not issue temporary registration permits with an expiration date of August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
Please note that you will still be able to issue temporary registration permits using the current Fairfax system through August 4, 2018. Beginning August 6, 2018, you will begin to issue temporary permits through the new Colorado DRIVES system. You will see more information about training for this system later this summer.
Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Noelle Peterson at .

The following information was shared by Todd O'Connell, CIADA!

Please Register Now to Continue Issuing Temp Tags  
The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is initiating a new system called Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution (DRIVES) in August. With this new system you will be printing the Temporary Tags directly through the DMV.  PLEASE NOTE:  To be able to print the tags you must register for the new DRIVES platform before May 30, 2018.
You should have received an email from the DMV on this two-step process. 
  1. Complete the attached End User License Agreement (EULA) requesting access to DRIVES
  2. Register your dealership information online
Here are instructions for the first step – filling out the EULA form which is attached to this email:
Guidance for Colorado Dealers in completing “Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution End User License Agreement”
On first page complete your dealership information
Check the third box in both sections:
     X  Private agency (must provide documentation establishing the entity as a legitimate business
            permitted to receive the data (i.e., business license)
    X  For use in the normal course of business by a legitimate business or its agents, employees, or
         contractors to use the information to verify the accuracy of information submitted by individuals
         for the purposes of preventing fraud, pursuing legal remedies against, or recovering a debt or
         security interest
On second page add the wording in red under the first and second sections:
Affidavit of Intended Use: Records Data/Information Disclosure (Mandatory)
Disclose the specific intended use of the data/information that is being requested.
Printing Vehicle Temporary Permits
Type Of Records Data/Information Disclosure (Mandatory)
Disclose what data/information is to be included in the record(s) being requested. Data/Information released will be limited to the data/information that is permitted by Federal and State laws.
                              X  Title, Lien, and Registration Data/Information
                               Data/Information Requested:
                                Printing Vehicle Temporary Permits
On third page sign and date where indicated:
Second step is the registration process:
Login to and use passcode – MVPrecords - to enter your information to register and upload the completed EULA form. This new DMV registration must be completed by May 30, 2018.
If you have any changes to this information prior to account creation please log in to or email . If this information is not submitted, your organization will no longer have access DMV systems effective August 6, 2018.
If you have additional questions, please email .
Once the EULA is submitted, you will receive additional information regarding training on the new DRIVES system. Training materials will be available in July 2018.
The good news is once this process is in place, you will no longer have to pay to “print” the temp tag and registration but will still need the “temp boards” to mount and hold the permit. 
Reminder to take advantage of CIADA’s low member pricing for your Temporary Tag Boards and all other form needs.
Thank You.
CAPSS Classes

CAPSS offers on-line classes that can be taken at any time, on any computer.

  • Hiring new salespeople? Use our on-line study class to prepare for the Colorado State Mastery Exam. Save the frustration of taking the exam over and over, by having the material presented in an easy to understand format. We also offer two practice tests to sharpen your test taking skills. Check out our Mastery Exam Seminar. The Mastery Exam must still be administered by an approved Dealer or third-party examiner (CAPSS OR CIADA).

  • Need to keep your employees updated on compliance issues and prepare your dealership for a compliance inspection by the Auto Industry Division? Check out our Compliance 2018 Seminar! Quizzes will ensure the critical material is retained and personalized certificates are available!

  • Do you have a title clerk that is ready to learn? Try our Colorado Title Seminar for intermediate title instruction. This class explains title transfers, VIN verifications, odometer laws, off-highway vehicles, low-powered scooters, purged titles, salvage/branded titles, liens/mortgages, deceased or divorced owners, bond titles, suspense titles, title assignments/corrections and more. A copy of the Colorado State Title and Registration Manual can be downloaded upon registration of this course.

  • Brand new to the industry? Our Getting the Car Deal Rolling Seminar is a great class for new dealers, salespersons and title clerks. We walk you through filling out the necessary sale and title paperwork to complete a sale. A reference manual is available for download.


CAPSS and CIADA have joined to offer Pre-Licensing Seminars for new dealers, wholesalers, and salespersons. This full day class gives you a great start in the regulatory environment that exists today. The class also prepares you for the Colorado State Mastery Exam, and the exam is administered at the end of the class.

Pre-registration is required.

LAKEWOOD: Classes are offered every Wednesday. Phone: 303-239-8000

MONTROSE: Classes are offered every other Thursday. Phone: 970-209-7499

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!
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