Join us at Community Allied Services
Thursday, August 15th at 6:30pm
for a Patient Support Group

Friends or family who are interested or have
questions are more than welcome to join!
Back to School Drive!

Donate any back to school items valued at $5.00 or more and receive $5.00
off your order!

If you are a patient at Prime Wellness, and have a child or children in need of school supplies, please inquire at

*Can only be applied one time per patient*

New & Back In Stock Products
Note: Arrival times vary throughout the week.
Please check for availability prior to coming in.
Advanced Grow Labs
Arriving Tuesday, August 13th
Hybridol Q 30.12 7226
$42.00/ 3.5 grams or
$78.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  28.93%,
THC:  1.19%, CBG-A:  0.84%
Indicol X 29.99 7225
$42.00/ 3.5 grams or
$78.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  29.09%,
THC:  0.90%, CBG-A:  0.67%
Indicol BC Pre Rolls 28.28 6999 (Indica):
$23.00/ 4 Pre-Rolled Cones
THC-A:  27.5%,
THC:  0.78%, CBG-A:  0.90%
*1.8 grams per 4 pre-rolled cones*
Cannabidiol H 1:1 PAX ERA
T205 C203 7207
$72.00/ 1 cartridge or
$138.00/ 2
THC: 41.0%,
CBD: 40.4%, CBG: 2.77%,
 CBN: 0.70%, CBC: 2.19%

Sativum Slips 7240
$52.00/ 10 strips
THC: 26.6mg per strip  
CT Pharma
Arriving Tuesday, August 13th

Auralex Flower SC T30% H 7331 (Hybrid):
$26.00/ 3.5 grams
of Second Cut Flower
THC-A:  29.55%,
THC:  0.50%, CBG-A:  1.04%
Calavec Flower SC T31% I 7330 (Indica):
$26.00/ 3.5 grams
of Second Cut Flower
THC-A:  30.07%,
THC:  0.44%, CBG-A:  0.63%
Lunaven Flower SC T32% I 7332 (Indica):
$26.00/ 3.5 grams
of Second Cut Flower
THC-A:  31.88%,
THC:  0.54%, CBG-A:  0.85%
Arriving Tuesday, August 13th

Citron T26% S 6593
$32.00/ 3.5 grams or
$58.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  25.58%,
THC:  0.59%, CBG-A:  0.20%
Arriving Wednesday, August 14th

Suchinose T24 7076
$24.00/ 3.5 grams or
$42.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  23.9%, THC:  0.26%,
CBG-A:  0.94%, CBG:  0.27%
SuchinosePure T350C1 7032
$34.00/ 1 cartridge or
$124.00/ 4
THC:  75.4%, CBD:  0.28%,
CBG:  3.36%,  CBN:  1.00%,
CBC:  0.78%, THC-V:  0.63%
Haracept T5 7053
$12.00/ 10 capsules
THC:  5mg
*Please allow 1 hour from placing your pre-order for
processing during normal business hours. 

*If placing an order outside of our business hours, orders will be ready up to one hour after opening the next business day, by 10:00 AM.
For those of you that may or may not know,  Lauren Boyett  is our very much loved Dispensary Technician Supervisor.

Lauren was instrumental in helping Prime Wellness get started over 5 years ago and has been a vital part of our growing company
since joining our team.

Sadly, her husband and father of their
four young daughters  Lewis
was diagnosed with ALS in November.
We have been accepting donations for the Boyett family to help
lessen the burden of the rising cost of uncovered medical expenses.

If you would like to donate, you may do so by clicking on the Go Fund Me link.  

Effective Immediately:

In an effort to streamline the registration process, the following changes have been implemented:

  • A passport sized photograph will no longer be required as part of the registration application.

  • The Biznet website will still require some form of a photo to be submitted. At this time, the website has not been updated to reflect the change. In order to continue to the next step, you can submit your driver's license twice.

  • Temporary certification emails will continue to be issued at approval (Initial, Renewal, or Replacement). 

  • The plastic laminated medical marijuana card is being phased out in lieu of a non-photo paper registration card that MUST be presented with a valid Government Issued photo identification.

  • This non-photo paper registration will arrive in the mail attached to a registration confirmation letter. It will need to be removed along the perforations. Lamination is permitted as long as it does not alter or block any information or security features.

  • If the non-photo paper registration is lost, stolen, or damaged, patients will still need to submit a lost or stolen card form and $35 payment to the Department of Consumer Protection.
*Sample picture below of non-photo PATIENT ID CARD and CAREGIVER ID CARD  
Please contact the DCP Medical Marijuana Program with any questions regarding this new process. (860) 713 6066 or 
If you have changed your name since being
on the program, you MUST notify the
Department of Consumer Protection
within 5 days of doing so.

*ALL patients identification
(driver's license, state issued ID, or passport)
MUST match the same name as your MMP card.

If you already renewed or are not up for a renewal, you will need to pay $35.00 to update your card with your new name.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact
the Department of Consumer Protection at
(860) 713-6066 or e-mail
We Offer Card Lamination
Paper MMP Certificates or cards can be laminated at Prime Wellness for $2.50.

Wallets are also Available.

All pre-orders will be held for a maximum of 72 hours.
Due to an increase in volume, if at the time of pick up only a partial of the order is purchased,  the remainder of the order must be purchased within 72 hours.
No exceptions.
Any order that does not get purchased within that time-frame will be returned to stock.
If you place an online order and
need to make any changes,
please call the dispensary at
860-331-8918 and press option #1 .  
This will avoid any dispensing errors.
We thank you in advance for your understanding and appreciate your cooperation.
- The Prime Wellness of CT Team
Our Loyalty Program Details

Earn 2 points per $1.00 spent! ALL patients are automatically enrolled so there is no need for registration.  

Points are Redeemable at the Following Thresholds:  
500 points = $5.00 off next purchase  
1,000 points = $10.00 off next purchase  
2,000 points = $20.00 off next purchase  
5,000 points = $50.00 off next purchase  
Once a patient accumulates the maximum of 5,000 points they must begin redeeming those points at next purchase. Not redeemable for cash and non-transferable to any other dispensary facilities or to other patients. Prime Wellness has the right to modify or revoke offers at our discretion.

Updated as of August 9, 2019
Things to Know:

  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Physical Card Needed
  • Create an Online Account prior to using CanPay 
  • $500 Daily Maximum
  • Processing Can Take 3-5 Days to show in your Bank Account

*Ask a technician for more details!
Things to Know:

  • We are able to accept ALL debit cards
  • We must round your total purchase up to the nearest dollar amount, and we will give you change back
  • A $3.50 service charge will apply
  • $10 Minimum per Transaction
  • $500 Maximum per Transaction
  • Orders over $500 need to be done in multiple transactions

*Ask a technician for more details!
Questions for Our Pharmacists?
Subject line: Question for Pharmacist

Be sure to include your name, date of birth, (or the patient's name and date of birth) and any questions you may have.

A pharmacist will respond to your question within 24 hours! 
Do You Need to Renew?
Don't forget to check your expiration date on your MMP card!

 If you need to renew, contact your physician, complete the online registration, and then check your email.

Please let us know if you need any help with the renewal process, we are more than happy assist you!