New Developments in Just Compensation
JWB 2017 Quarterly Newsletter  

Groundbreaking research on video link appearance in Hong Kong courts gets ready to enter the field.

Just compensation for victims of exploitation begins with creating the tools needed to seek aid. 

Over the first half of this year, we have met organizations in Indonesia who help returnees from Singapore and Hong Kong every week. Most have no idea that compensation is still possible for victims, and fewer still know how to do so. 

As we develop new test cases amongst these partners, their need for additional capacity--the knowledge and know-how required to identify and bring cases--has only become clearer.

From groundbreaking efforts to make video link technology available to returnees from Hong Kong, to identifying legal solutions to bait-and-switch contracts in Singapore, we are creating the tools that meet the very specific cross-border needs of those who seek just compensation from abroad, after returning home.

We are now at the next step of putting these tools into the hands of those on the front lines of legal aid. As you will see in the following articles, we have helped new and current partners begin adding these tools to their existing services, so that they can move quickly to secure evidence and take the first steps in putting legal pressure on bad actors. 

This quarter's newsletter collects these latest achievements, and highlights where we go next. Our work on behalf of vulnerable migrant workers is possible because of the time and financial investments of our supporters. If you are not yet a supporter, join us and become a part of an amazing community making access to just compensation a reality for victims. Your support can and will make a difference.

Best wishes,

Douglas MacLean  
Executive Director
Justice Without Borders
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Singapore: Delivering Know-How to the Front Lines
JWB shared experiences on evidence collection with the full-time staff and volunteers at Hagar Singapore. T he workshop focused on smart case preparation procedures and practices, with experienced lawyers sharing their perspective on what makes a strong civil claim. Hagar caseworkers and trainers discussed strategies to assist victims in obtaining just compensation, and next steps for cooperation.   Read more

Many low-wage foreign workers come to Singapore expecting a certain salary, and end up having no choice but to accept lower pay upon arrival as they have no alternative form of employment. JWB Singapore  launched its strategic legal research paper with potential remedies protecting these workers against bait-and-switch contracts.  Read more

Accessing Hong Kong Courts from Abroad
Accessing Hong Kong Courts from Abroad

JWB Hong Kong launched its strategic legal research guide, "Accessing Justice from Abroad: Strategic Guide to Remote Video Link for Migrant Workers." This guide lays the groundwork for pioneering remote litigation for migrant worker victims who have already returned home. Click on the short clip to learn more.

Indonesia: Frontline NGO Partnership with 
Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia (SBMI)

JWB visited SBMI Lampung and had a discussion with at least 15 volunteers from several regencies in Lampung Province. Lampung is currently the fifth largest home province for migrant workers. Migrant workers from Lampung are primarily going to Asia-Pacific - Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong being the main host countries. This visit is part of JWB's effort to reach out to more organizations and build stronger cooperation. Read more about our partnership with SBMI here.

Indonesia: Tackling Cross-Border Claims for Returnee 
Migrant Workers with SBMI Indramayu
SBMI paralegals are often migrant workers' first port of call in their home countries, and thus play an important role in pursuing compensation.  JWB Indonesia conducted an in-house training for SBMI Indramayu, a migrant worker union in West Java.  The training aimed to introduce good practices in starting cross-border civil claims for repatriated migrant workers, with a focus on evidence collection.  Read more

Volunteer Opportunities
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A Word About Our Investors
Our donors do more than just give, they are active participants in building international lifelines to legal aid for migrant workers. We are proud to call them investors in justice and to have them as partners in our work. In this issue, we would like to thank: 
  • Herbert Smith Freehills, for its generous investment in our projects across all of our jurisdictions, on top of the tremendous pro bono partnership it continues to provide.
  • Our individual investors. Individual support helps underwrite our work. Whether you can contribute $5  or $500, we deeply appreciate all who contribute.  Special thanks to the following donors for sponsoring our "Happy Hour on a Mission 2017" in Singapore:
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Special Thanks to Our Partners 
Collaboration is critical in our work. We would like to highlight a few of our partners, and we thank the many more who make up the movement for international access to justice. In t his issue, we thank:
  • Herbert Smith Freehills for their generous support of the launch of our Strategic Guide to Accessing Hong Kong Courts from Abroad, and the launch of our Strategic Legal Research on Fighting Bait-And-Switch Contracts in Singapore. 
  • Dechert LLP for its significant contributions to the Technology Court Guide and ongoing litigation support.
  • HAGAR Singapore for partnering with us and working together to assist victims in obtaining just compensation.
  • HealthServe and HOME for their assistance on the Guide to Fighting Bait-and-Switch Contracts.