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New Digitized Design Library PDF!

As usual, with High Tech you can count on planned and unplanned obsolescence. For years we had been maintaining a PDF [Portable Document Format] of all of our digitized longarming designs that we create for sale to other longarmers.

Then along came Pattern Finder. It maintained a catalog of all the designs in the library, by group. It also created an automatic HTML [Hypertext Markup Language] listing of the library. That was a "no-brainer" so we went with that.

Then our web-site platform "upgraded" and no longer supported having a client generated HTML as part of the site. Therefore, we could no longer display our library on the web-site. Longarmers wanting to purchase our designs could no long view them in advance of their purchase.

So, here we are with our newest library listing. In a PDF. Done manually. And, laboriously, but, done, nonetheless!

We trust that this will satisfy those who have wanted to see the designs that they want to buy in advance - what a novel idea!

Please be aware that these are the 1,600 designs that we have created for sale to other longarmers. These do not contain the remainder of our internal longarming library of 5,000 designs. To see all of the designs that we use in the studio for longarming customer quilts, you must go through the quilt check-in procedure, as these are the designs that can be used in our longarming process..
We hope that this has been informative and helpful!

May The Lord Richly Bless You!
Rick & Ruth Grihalva
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