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Your goodwill, enthusiasm and support of our firm over the years are appreciated.    Please take a few minutes to read the following article on Privacy and Estate Planning.   Have a wonderful Fall!

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Privacy & Estate Planning

In discussing estate planning with my clients, this question sometimes arises during a consultation - "Is there a way that I can keep my estate plan private, even after I die?"  In other words, they want to limit who will have knowledge of the contents of their estate or to whom they are leaving it.  Many of my clients simply do not want anyone to know how much money they have, or believe that knowledge of their estate plan could lead to fighting among family members or prevent their children from working toward their own financial independence.  For clients with such concerns, I often recommend using a  revocable living trust , which offers greater privacy than a last will and testament.

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Have you Named a Guardian for your Children?

As a parent, you spend time every day making sure your children are provided with life's necessities - things like good nutrition, clothing, education, physical activity and shelter. In addition to attending to your children's physical needs, you also spend time teaching your children values and modelling good behavior. You also do many other things for your children- far too numerous to list.





Are you struggling with whom to name as your Successor Trustee?

Perhaps you're concerned about whether any of your family members can handle all of the duties and responsibilities of administering your trust when you die. Or, perhaps you want to lift this burden from their shoulders altogether. 

Legacy Fiduciary Services, PLC (LFS) may be the solution. LFS was established by Carrell Blanton Ferris & Associates, PLC to serve as trustee of trusts created and governed pursuant to the laws of Virginia. LFS attorneys are experienced fiduciaries who are dedicated to ensuring that your careful planning will be implemented. We make it our job to stay current with changing trust laws and regulations, and will work closely with your financial advisor to help ensure that the needs of your loved ones will be met after your passing. For more information click here .
Please note: LFS does not manage the investment of trust assets but works with your financial advisor, who continues to manage your assets while we administer your trust. 


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