CPP Program - Key Updates
New Prevnar 13® Discount Opportunity!
We are pleased to announce a new Pfizer discount opportunity for CPP members starting January 1, 2021! Members can enroll in a new discount program for Prevnar 13® and/or an enhanced discount on Trumenba® purchases. Please contact CPP for pricing details.

Note that you may participate in one, both or neither of these opportunities, as the discounts for one are not predicated on the other. 

Doses can be purchased directly through Pfizer or through an authorized distributor/wholesaler however, payment terms and ancillary fees may vary between distributors/wholesalers.

Each member will need to self-register for these discounts through the Pfizer portal.

  1. Click on this link: Start Registration on Pfizer’s contract website www.PrimeContracts.Pfizer.com 
  2. Sign in using the email address and password you created.
  3. Enter the CPP Registration Code: 5ZHZ45
  4. Complete the registration process.
  5. Enroll in one or both of the Prevnar 13® and Trumenba discount opportunities by going to “Membership Affiliation” and “Acknowledge Membership Declaration” for each of the product discounts you wish to participate in. 

If you encounter any issues, please refer to the detailed User Guide or contact the CPP Office.

We recommend that you double-check your pricing after 1/1/2021 and if it does not reflect the CPP member discount, contact us as soon as possible so we can help remedy any issues.
2021-2022 Flu Vaccine Pre-Booking 
It seems hard to believe but it is already time to start thinking about flu vaccinations for the 2021-2022 flu season!

CPP members will be able to access two discount opportunities for this upcoming flu season:

Sanofi PasteurUpdated pricing and program details for Fluzone, High-Dose Fluzone and Flublok vaccines can be obtained by contacting the CPP office.

Please note the following changes as you carefully consider your pre-book commitment for this upcoming flu season:

  • Pre-book by February 28, 2021 to receive an enhanced discount on Fluzone Quadrivalent presentations. If not taking advantage of this discount opportunity, the pre-book deadline is March 31, 2021.
  • Orders can no longer be cancelled before they are shipped.
  • Reduced returns allowance for each presentation of influenza vaccine purchased directly from Sanofi.

These changes are an effort to improve population health by making sure doses are manufactured, delivered and administered during the appropriate time frame.

To participate, confirm your pre-book reservation with Sanofi Pasteur by logging onto www.VaccineShoppe.com.

AstraZenecaUpdated pricing and program details for FluMist can be obtained by contacting the CPP office. Orders can be made through authorized distributors of FluMist (McKesson, FFF Enterprises and Besse Medical).

To participate, please complete the declaration form and send it to CPP at CPP@nationwidechildrens.org or fax it to 614-722-2149. If you have already submitted a declaration form to CPP to participate in this discount opportunity in prior years, you do not need to complete another one.

Place your orders by going to www.OrderFluMistToday.com.
Valuable Resources
COVID-19 Vaccination Supplies

Recently, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) announced that kits with all ancillary supplies needed to administer the COVID-19 vaccine will be included with each vaccine shipment. These Ancillary Kits will include needles, syringes, alcohol prep pads and certain PPE. Ancillary Kits and will be automatically ordered in amounts to match vaccine orders. There is no need for providers to order these supplies in anticipation of administering the vaccine.

Each Ancillary Kit will have enough supplies to administer 100 doses of the vaccine, including:

  • Needles, 105 per kit (various sizes for the population served by the ordering vaccination provider)
  • Syringes, 105 per kit
  • Alcohol prep pads, 210 per kit
  • 4 surgical masks and 2 face shields for vaccinators, per kit
  • COVID-19 vaccination record cards for vaccine recipients, 100 per kit
  • For COVID-19 vaccines that require reconstitution with diluent or mixing adjuvant at the point of administration, these ancillary supply kits will include additional necessary syringes, needles, and other supplies for this purpose.
  • Ancillary supply kits and diluent (if required) will ship separately from the vaccine due to different cold chain requirements, but shipment will be timed to arrive with or before the vaccine.
  • Not included in Ancillary Kits are sharps containers, gloves, bandages or gowns.

For more details, see page 25 of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook.

Other Important Information Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The CDC will use its centralized distribution contract to fulfill orders for most vaccine products and associated ancillary supplies. Some vaccine products, such as those with ultra-cold temperature requirements, will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the vaccination provider site. COVID-19 vaccine and ancillary supplies will be procured and distributed by the federal government at no cost to enrolled COVID-19 vaccination providers. CDC will share more information about reimbursement claims for administration fees as it becomes available. Vaccines (and adjuvant or diluent, if required) will be shipped to provider sites within 48 hours of order approval by the immunization program, if supply is available.

Other Resources: The Operation Warp Speed Strategy for Distributing a COVID-19 Vaccine strategic distribution overview
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