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 November 29, 2018                                                                                        
DoD Topics Released
The Department of Defense (DoD) has pre-released it's SBIR 19.1 and the STTR 19.A Broad Agency Announcements.  To help with searching the topics, BBCetc has compiled a quick-reference summary listed by participating component. 

Important Dates:
No. 28 - Pre-release
Jan. 7 - Open period for discussion with TPOCs closes (Why is this important? Read our blog)
Jan. 8 - Proposals accepted   
Jan. 23 - SITIS (SBIR Interactive Topic Information System) Q&A Closes 
Feb. 6 - Proposal deadline, 8:00 p.m. ET
Remember:  As always, read and follow the DoD and component instructions

Notable for the 2019.1/2019.A BAA       
Here are some items of interest from the BAA. As always, there can be "exceptions", so be sure to heed each component's instructions carefully. 
  • A number of the components have increased their funding limits. 
For SBIR 19.1: 
For STTR 19.A

  • AF and OSD are again offering Direct to Phase II topics this cycle.
  • The Air Force SBIR/STTR Program office is continuing to pilot new processes via "AF Special Topics" (AF191-001 thru AF191-011) in order to accelerate technologies to the warfighter.  The AF Special Topics are different in several ways from the standard AF SBIR/STTR proposal, award and execution.  Special Topics have shortened technical durations, reduced reporting requirements, and varying award amounts compared to normal SBIR topics. There are additional unique features associated with each of the Special Topics that are listed in the sections below:
  • Entirely new this cycle is the Pitch Day Special Topics (AF191-009 thru AF191-011):The Air Force SBIR/STTR office is introducing Pitch Day Special Topics as a new SBIR Special Topic process for topics AF191-009 thru AF191-011. Each Pitch Day Topic revolves around tying in one of seven of the Air Force's Program Executive Officer (PEO) offices in order to further reduce obstacles and rapidly develop and field technology relevant to that specific PEO's needs. Offerors should take note of the unique technical duration, award amount and proposal submission requirements (Volume 1 and Volume 5) for these Special Topics (see Chart 1). A unique feature for the Pitch Day Topics comes in the 2-part evaluation process
    1. The first evaluation will utilize the Evaluation Criteria provided in Section 6.0 of the DoD BAA. Once the evaluations are complete, all offerors will be notified as to whether they will be invited to the pitch their proposal at the Air Force Pitch Day event. 
    2. Offerors that were selected will receive an invitation to make a live pitch to the Air Force team during an Air Force Pitch Day event to be held in March 2019. During the Air Force Pitch Day event, those selected will be required to physically present the slide deck that was included in Volume 5 of their original 19.1 proposal. This presentation will be evaluated by a panel against the Section 6.0 of the DoD BAA. 
Once the evaluations are complete, all offerors will be immediately notified as to whether they were selected or not selected for a Phase I award. Selectees should be ready to sign and receive a contract at the event. In order to expedite funds, selectees should also be able to accept an initial payment under the contract through a Government Purchase Card (GPC) as part of the conditions of award. Further information on the Air Force Pitch Day will be made available as the event date gets closer at
In addition, AF is allowing majority VC ownership for the AF Special Topics
  • AF Direct to Phase II also has changed:

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