Wind & Willow soup mixes have just what you need to satisfy your craving for a homemade taste with a minimum of fuss!

Delicious and ready in just a matter of minutes, Wind & Willow soups are perfect on a cold, wintry day!

Stock your pantry with chill-chasing
Wind & Willow soup mixes from
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Our selection of super-stylish gloves are so chic, you won't want to take them off!

Available in one-size-fits most, choose from a multitude of colors, patterns, & styles featuring convenient touchscreen fingertips!

Stay warm and stay trendy with
fashion gloves from The Village Shoppes!

We've stocked our jewelry shelves with new, trend-setting baubles and bangles!

Our collection includes fun & unique designs with something ideal for all ages to wear!

Our fashion jewelry will enhance your casual wear as well as be the finishing touch for your formal attire.

Best of all, our high-quality fashion jewelry is affordable, giving you the opportunity to refresh your jewelry collection!

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Do any of these signs "hit close to home",  ?!

If one of these 6" x 20" signs has special meaning to you, then your home isn't complete without it! There's only one way to remedy that dilemma...a trip to The Collection! Lucky for you, every route there is a scenic one!


"This sign turned my house into a home!"

Blue Cattle Truck Trading Co.'s authentic vanilla is imported from the the south of Mexico...the birthplace of vanilla.

Known for its rich, smooth taste, no other vanilla can compare to the authentic flavor of Mexican vanilla and Blue Cattle Truck Trading Co. delivers the best of the best!

Don't bake another batch of cookies without Blue Cattle Truck Trading Co. Mexican vanilla!

Debbie Brewer (pictured above), Social Media Coordinator (she just made that title up. She really doesn't know what it is), has worked at The Village Shoppes for over 11 years, and for every one of those years, she's admired our captivating Willow Tree collection.

Willow Tree figurines are a lovely reminder of someone we hold dear or a memory we cherish. The hand-carved figurines peacefully & perfectly relay a thoughtful, loving message through subtle body gestures...a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body.

Start or expand your Willow Tree collection with a purchase from 
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Click on the image below to read what  Deanna Pietrzak, our Department 56 Collection Specialist, has to share about new releases, recent retirements, and exciting revelations within our expansive selection of  Department 56 products!
Follow Deanna on Snapchat at "villageshoppes" where you'll be among the first to hear about our Department 56 sales and promotions!

Hide-n-Seek with Bella!

, if you're the first person to come into our store and correctly identify where the image below is hidden in this  e-mail... 
 you'll be the winner of a $25 gift certificate from The Village Shoppes!  

*No need to print this newsletter. We'll have one ready and waiting for you! Sorry, , if you've been a contest winner within the last six months, you're not eligible to participate in this contest.

"What a lovely couple!"

That statement is what instantly comes to mind after speaking with Beverly and Joe Norton of Mishawaka. The Village Shoppes have been both grateful and fortunate to have them as customers for over 30 years. Having such delightful folks like these two visit our stores is what makes us want to try harder and harder to make our stores an enchanting wonderland all year long.





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Bella's Tale
Many folks choose this time of year to do some serious house cleaning, you start the year out right. Well, if you're one of those people, we're going to give you a hand by cleaning your computer screen...

or should we say we're giving you a tongue?!