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Happy Sunday...

Film trailer for...
Where Can We Live?
A 42 min version of the documentary "Where can we live - about being electrosensitive" is now availble on DVD, in Swedish with English subtitles, cost is
30 USD including postage. To order one please contact  eirafilm@tyfonmail.se

Still Smarting
Wonderful WIFI
Cell Towers Losing Power
Other EMF Nightmares
Radiaton Nation
I Nominate Snowden for President!  (He'd Probably Win!)
NSA Peeping Tom Disease Spreads To Other Countries
"Corpornment", The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
More on the Rothschilds
Brave New World
Death By Breath
Water Wars
Insects and Animals, Who Needs 'Em?
Monsanto's Never Ending Story
Miscellaneous Misgivings Plus 1 Good Thing...

Still Smarting

I wouldn't be surprised if the medical industry is behind this.  This is a CASH COW of cancer treatment in the making.  There is a video ad of how this bra/device works if you scroll down the link...
The Smart Bra That Tells if You're in Love, Underwear that Only "Undoes" for Partners that Raise Your Heart Rate

Half of Users Abandon Smart Meter Trial

Vote for the smart meter awareness raising film, "Take Back Your Power" to Win the Aware Guide Award!

Smart Grid Technology, Now Spreading Across the US, Will Raise Energy Prices to Reduce Demand

This is a Link to the Massachusetts HaltMASmartMeters News Letter, FILLED with Lots of Info on What has Been Going on There

Maine Smart Meter PUC Reply Brief by Dianne Wilkins

Who knew?  The Wireless Smart Meter Melt Down

UK - Do I have to Accept a Smart Meter?

Silver Springs Network "Smart Grid Needs App Store"

Research Rethinks the Utility Revenue Model

Tell CPUC to Protect CAs Solar Rights

"Professor Sadezky tainted conflict of interest, the studies financed by cellular companies, and the Ministry of Health is misleading the public purpose "
Article on WIFI Lawsuit in Israel      Google Translate

20 More US Children to be Exposed to Possible Carcinogen

Cell Towers Losing Power

"The Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH) in Karlsruhe announced this decision in its ruling on Friday. Due to the controversy over possible health effects from cell phone antennas..."
German Court Rules Against Cell Antennas!!

Other EMF Nightmares

Okay, I have to admit, this looks pretty amazing, if it is for reals, but unfortunately, the EMFs in this are no doubt off the hook and we believe this vid may be a fake, although it will undoubtedly come to fruition in the future...
China's New Car Invention Floats Above the Road with Zero Fossil Fuel Emissions, But Most Likely Astronomical EMF emissions

Prof Olle Johansson VId Interview On Electromagnetic Waves

Prof Olle Johansson Vid Interview on WIFI and Plants Experiment

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Cause DNA Strand Breaks In Normal Cells

70,000 Residents from Catalan, Spain Intolerant to Electromagnetic Fields
Google Translate

"Do you want cancer with that battery?"
Tesla Motors Dirty Little Secret is a Major Problem

Medical Journal Retracts Paper on Microwaves and Health effects of Air Traffic Controllers Because It Was Published "Inadvertently"

Plants Grown in Faraday Cages Have Defects and Even Die

US Wireless Industry Bill of Rights

Another absolute life saver!!!  I would NEVER have known to have a cup of coffee in the morning without this invention...or even that it WAS morning!!  Thank God for this thing!!  I'm so stupid I wouldn't know it was morning if I woke up after a good night's sleep and watched the sunrise!!  Now all I need is a smart laxative to let me know when it's time to take a you know what!
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!  Smart Watch Tells the TIme by Spraying Puffs of Scent to Match the TIme of Day

Hum Heard Around the World is Explained and We are All Being Lied To

The Dogma of the Thermal Paradigm

Interview with Amir Borenstein, Israeli EHS sufferer

If I didn't know better, this article reads like a false flag to prep us for what is to come with smart grid...it talks of a doubling of cancer and wiping out entire grids...But "they" would never try and mislead us, would "they"?  It even has that typical and condescending cartoon drawing for 5 year olds in the explanation...be afraid, be very afraid!!  "They" are planning something!!
Forget Global Warming - Worry About the Magnetosphere!  Earth's Magnetic Field is Collapsing and it Could Affect the Climate and Wipe Out Power Grids

iPhone Catches Fire All By Itself in Student's Pants

AT&T Wins Ruling to Install UT Uverse Wireless Street Boxes Against Citizens in SF


Radiation Nation

"Fuked! White Goo Everywhere Creepy White Stuff Found In Alaskan Salmon"
Snowden Docs: US Spied On Negotiators at 2009 Climate Summit

This NBC News report although has some valid info, it sort of sounds like a PR puff piece for FB and Google...like they are fighting so hard the NSA surveillance...aren't they INVOLVED in the NSA surveillance?
Snowden Docs Reveal UK Uses You Tube and FB

NSA Peeping Tom Disease Spreads to Other Countries

This is a great vid with some prominent people speaking out against the NSA
Stop Watching Us!!  The Video

Spy Agencies Probe Angry Birds and Other Apps for Personal Data

Apps Fight Back...How You Can Track Who Is Tracking You

I thought this was cute...
Warning, Curse Words Are Used

Yahoo Users Account Passwords Stolen

International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance

Six House Members Seek to Oust National Intelligence Director, James Clapper for Lying to Them

Nullify Warrantless Drone Spying In CA

CA Assembly Passes Anti Drone Bill

"Corpornment", The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Serco - The Mega Conglomerate Corporation That Run the World with a Revolving Door that You've Never Heard of

Internet Apocalypse

Police Chief Harassed by Feds, Fired After Signing Bill to Protect Bill of Rights

Free Thinking Soldiers - The New "Terrorists"

Why There's No Out Cry

Homeland Security and Dept. of Defense Evidently Play Critical Role In Obama's New 4 Year "Energy" Plan

If I didn't know better, this article reads like a false flag to prep is for what is to come with smart grid...it talks of a doubling of cancer and wiping out entire grids...But "they" would never try and mislead us would "they"?  It even has that typical and condescending cartoon drawing for 5 year olds in the explanation...be afraid, be very afraid!!  "They" are planning something!!
Forget Global Warming - Worry About the Magnetosphere!  Earth's Magnetic Field is Collapsing and it Could Affect the Climate and Wipe Out Power Grids

Ottowa Hires Top Oil Lobbyist to Advise Government of Studying Pollution

War Experts Stumped by the Simplest of Questions In Congressional Hearing on Afghanistan

A Democratic Senate Tells Obama "NO" To Giving 2nd Amendments Rights Away to International Oversight Group

Internet Apocalypse

I know we've all signed this petition but this one is from another group and this is SUCH an important issue...
Restore Net Neutrality

More Net Neutrality Petitions, please sign!

More on the Rothschilds

This film is a little old and 3 and a half hours long, but an important bit of education
The Money Masters - The Rothschild Mafia

Farrakhan Exposes Rothschild

"Natural Capitol", An Interesting Idea

Brave New World

The media is CONSTANTLY being used to try and assuage public opinion
Please don't blame me for being a skeptic, but it is possible "They" are trying to brace us for genetically modified bees, which may be on their way once FDA approved
"Zombie" Bees Identified ion Vermont - 1st in Eastern US

Chemically Nucleated Snow Does Not Melt and Smells Strange

Film Trailer...
The Human Experiment

Death By Breath

This article is full of interesting little known facts about India, such as half the population of the entire country defecates outside..
On Bad Air Days in India, Staying Inside Doesn't Help

Air Quality Report - 178 Countries, India Beats Out China for Worst Air in the World

Car Exhaust May be Linked to Asthma, Heart Attack, Diabetes and Cancer

5000 Rally Against Air Pollution in Utah Capitol

Local Event in LA...
Los Angeles, Feb. 9th, Conscious Life Expo, Geoengineering Film "Look Up" to Follow Panel Discussion

Water Wars

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target, CA

CA Drought Threatens Coho Salmon with Extinction

TAPPED, CA Cuts Off Water To Local Agencies Serving 25,000,000 Residents and 750,000 Acres of Farmland

This from a state who's governor just allowed all remaining water beds underground water to be poisoned by fracking...
California Drought - 17 Communities Could Run Out of Water within 60-120 Days State Says

Water Scarcity in India Heightens Old Caste Tensions

Iran Confronts Crisis of Water Supply

Exporting the Colorado River to Asia Through Hay

Care for a Little Involuntary Zanax, Birth Control or Viagra In Your Water?

Microbeads, A Big Problem in LA River - Vid

Insects, Animals, Who Needs 'Em?

Australian Honeybees Unable to Make Honey

Pesticides Halve Bee Pollen Gathering Ability, Studies Show

Monarch Butterflies May Soon Disapear

Another Day, Another 65 Dolphins Killed in The Cove

A Record 829 Manatee Deaths in Florida in 2013 "Baffle" Scientists

As if these poor creatures didn't have a hard enough time with scarcity of food in the ocean, they are still being clubbed to death when on land trying to nurse from their mothers...Please Boycott Canadian Seafood

Cook Inlet Belugas Show Signs of Oil Contamination

Banned Scotchguard Chemical Still Contaminating SF Seals

Monsanto's Never Ending Story

GMA Monsanto's Evil Twin

Genetic Weaponry Against Insects Could Be Next Front On the War On Nature By Big Agriculture

Argentine Activists Win First Round Against Monsanto

Monsanto Protestors Arrested, GMO Shareholder Resolutions Fail

Petition to the FDA not to Water Down GMO Labeling

Just say NO to Agent Orange Crops

Miscellaneous Misgivings Plus 1 Good Thing...

One Small Defeat for Shell, One Giant Victory for the Arctic

Babies Near Gas Wells More Likely to Have Birth Defects

Experts Warn "Flushing" the Chemicals in Virginia Water May Not Have Worked

FDA Allows Antibiotics Into Animal Feed Despite Risks to Human Health, Report Says

Attack of The Lionfish 
Have a HARD WIRED week!

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, Burgerwelle, e.V., Sheriff Deb Wiseman, Prof. Olle Johansson, Katharina Gustavs, Iris Atzmon, Deborah Taveris, The Birdman, Martine McGrall, Laddie Lawdings, Steven Magee, Claire Donegan, Allan Busby, Marilynne Martin, Robert Riedlinger, Andre Fauteux

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